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Resume Creation- $595 (professional) – $1500

Professionally written, power-packed resume highlights your steady career progression and accomplishments, education, training, professional development, activities, etc. Keywords will be added in all the necessary places and industry lingo is used. Executives and senior level professionals, add an extra day.


Cover Letter- $195 (professional) – $700

Don’t even THINK about applying to a job without a cover letter! A powerfully written and appealing cover letter tailored to assist your job search strategy while displaying your strengths and accomplishments is absolutely necessary in your job search.


Resume Retarget- $395

Want two different versions of your resume? One resume does not fit all! Add on a Resume Retarget to your resume package for a fraction of the cost of a new resume. You’ll get a new title bar, career summary, keyword list, branding, and highlight refocus. *Must order a resume package to get this great offer.


Professional/Executive Bio- $495 – $1500

A full page impact statement about your professional progression. Powerful and eye-catching!


Executive Recruiter Distribution- $395

We can tap into our database and connect you with recruiters aligned with your target from a database of more than 33,000 retained / contingency recruiters.  We also offer a Private Equity/Venture Capital Distribution with over 8,500 key contacts. Call now to find out more!


Curriculum Vitae- $395 – $1295

A concise and neatly packaged curriculum vitae is geared to education and health care professionals, researchers, law, advanced college students, and more outlining published work, internships, research and education. Call for price quote.


Resume/Cover Letter Update- $295 – $600

**Existing clients only. Have a new job and need to update your resume? Send us your new position information and we will take care of that for you. We can update your resume or cover letter OR both. A must if your resume is over a year old! Call for price quote.


ASCII (.txt) Version- $100

A .txt version of your resume. This is what you use when you go to websites like monster.com or jobs.com and “cut and paste” your resume into it their box/form. All formatting is removed and replaced with a very basic look to avoid having it become unformatted transmission to a job site. Comes in very handy with any type job posting. Order now!


PDF Version- $100

An easy-to-read, online version that takes the worry out of attaching your resume to an e-mail and having it become “unformatted” during delivery! It can be “locked” so no one else can copy the information on it. A good idea! Order now!


Reference Page- $100

90% of employers check references today. Take a professional looking Reference Page to the interview and WOW them with your impressive list of references. A must have today! Order now.


Thank You/Follow Up Letter- $100

Never underestimate the power of a Thank You letter. This is the best way to stand out from the hoards of candidates the HR person saw that same day/week. We offer a thank you letter template to assist you in the letter writing process. Customize it for each interview, and feel free to add something else mentioned at the interview so the employer remembers you! Order now!


Having a Professional Resume Writer take this off your to-do list, free up your time, get you the job of your dreams, and leave you worry-free= PRICELESS!

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