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With the right strategy, endorsements can easily optimize a LinkedIn profile.

If you aren’t familiar with LinkedIn endorsements, they are much more important and different than getting a “like” on Facebook or Twitter. With endorsements, your LinkedIn connections can confirm your skills with just a couple of clicks, rather than writing a detailed review about you. Any LinkedIn profile writing service will tell you not to put too much stock in endorsements when it comes to advancing in your executive career. Still, there are a few things you should know about the importance of LinkedIn endorsements.

Choose Endorsements Wisely

Endorsements from former bosses or colleagues are better than those from family members. While it may look great to have a ton of endorsements when trying to optimize a LinkedIn profile, a recruiter will see right through them. Most recruiters will search through your endorsements to find the most credible ones, so it won’t do you any good to clutter your page with them.

Endorsements From The Right People Are Valuable

LinkedIn profile writing services usually suggest asking higher-ranking people from your company or former workplace to endorse you. While an endorsement from former colleagues is valuable, an endorsement from the CEO of your company will rank higher.

One tip to help your chances of getting a LinkedIn endorsement from high-ranking people is to endorse them yourself. It’s human nature to return the favor when one is given, and this principle is no different with LinkedIn.

Quantity Isn’t Too Important

As mentioned earlier, you should focus more on the quality of your LinkedIn endorsements rather than the quantity. Check with a LinkedIn profile writing service to see if you have too few or too many endorsements on your profile. You can easily hide certain endorsements if you don’t think they are credible.

Endorsements Should Tell a Story About You

When a recruiter views your LinkedIn endorsements, they should be able to know exactly who you are and what you have to offer from a professional standpoint. Your endorsements could display your ability to communicate effectively both in writing and speech, work well with others, your proficiency with technology and many other characteristics. If you have a lot of random endorsements, it will be tougher for a recruiter to see what type of executive you really are.

At Professional Resume Services, we have a team of professionals who know how to optimize a LinkedIn profile with endorsements. Feel free to contact us if you have any questions about how to manage your endorsements to help create a stronger profile.

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There’s a whole world wide web out there outside of your LinkedIn profile service. Here’s how it can help you with your job search!

Traditional approaches to finding a new job are no longer viable options. Nowadays, if you don’t have an online presence by way of social media, then you will find yourself way behind the curve. As an executive with years of experience, you may not think social media is important for your career, but you could be missing out on great opportunities. With the competition being as high as it’s ever been, LinkedIn profile development services are constantly helping executives stay on top of the curve. Here are some important things you need to know about how and why to incorporate social media into your job search.

Why is Social Media Important?

The majority of executive jobs aren’t posted online. Companies are using recruiting services and headhunters to find the best talent to fill their jobs, which further stresses the importance of LinkedIn profile development services. If you don’t have a complete social media presence, then your chances of being found are slim-to-none.

Hiring a LinkedIn profile service to help you develop your profile is a great way to start off your job search the right way this year. You need to have the right keywords, phrases, skills and experience listed on your profile in order to get recognized. Executives don’t always know or understand what recruiters are looking for, so different services can help polish up your profile to make it as effective and recognizable as possible.

How to Carefully Incorporate Social Media Into Your Job Search

Social media can put you ahead of the curve or it can seriously diminish your chances of getting a job, depending on how you utilize it. Just like headhunters use social media to find executives to fill positions, you can use it to your benefit as well.

Instead of replying to a job post online, look up some high-level people at the company on LinkedIn and reach out to them personally. This could help your name stand out, but you also want to be careful not to overdo it. If you don’t receive a response within a week, you can follow-up, but don’t keep bugging them to the point where they ignore you completely.

How to Begin

Start by looking into LinkedIn profile writing services. These services will help you with the dos and don’ts of social media when it pertains to your job search. Once you have an understanding of how social media can work for you and against you, you’ll be able to jump-start your job search this New Year.

For more information about the ins-and-outs of the relationship between social media and your job search, feel free to reach out to us at any time.

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Your resume and LinkedIn profile should never be one and the same! Professional Resume Services can show you a better way to use LinkedIn.

It takes a lot of hard work and effort to craft the perfect resume. When you’ve finally got it just how you want it, you may be tempted to copy and paste the information into your LinkedIn profile. However, the two should be separated for a few important reasons. The substance of your profile can be similar to your resume, but you need to add a little more style and creativity. Here are some reasons why you shouldn’t treat LinkedIn the same way as your resume.

Repetitive Information is Boring

If an employer likes your resume, they might get online to check out your social media pages. A LinkedIn profile with the same exact information is boring. Employers want to find out new information you normally wouldn’t include on a formal resume. Tell a story or two about certain accomplishments you list on your resume. If you have a hard time distinguishing the two styles, you may benefit from LinkedIn profile writing services. Just think of LinkedIn as an extension of your resume rather than a copy of it. Create an interesting summary, make it personal (you can use personal pronouns such as “I”, “me” or “my” here. Make it uniquely yours.

Support Your Claims

Your resume is designed to make you look good in short statements. LinkedIn allows you to support those statements with evidence. If you’ve received an endorsement or a recommendation from a former supervisor or boss, include it on your LinkedIn profile. LinkedIn is designed to let you show your accomplishments instead of just talking about them. The more detail you go in to support your claims, the better off you’ll be.

The best place to start is listing any specific accomplishments regarding a past job. Go into detail about how you were able to accomplish something and how you helped the company grow or succeed as a result. Employers want to know how you did a task just as much as they are interested in what you did. Your LinkedIn profile is the perfect place to showcase that.

Be Conversational

Any LinkedIn profile development services will tell you to avoid resume language when creating your profile. The more conversational you are in your writing tone, the more you will relate to the person reading about your skills and expertise. If writing isn’t your strong suit, consider having a friend or a professional read over your profile before you publish it. Without sounding like you’re bragging on yourself, you need to highlight what you’ve done at past jobs and how these achievements make you a good fit for the job you’re looking for.

Developing a LinkedIn profile different from your resume may seem like a tough task. However, once you find the perfect balance between professional and casual, it won’t be difficult at all. If you need help getting started, or at any point in the process, feel free to get in touch with us.

Professional Resume Services can help you with LinkedIn profile development!

Professional Resume Services can help you with LinkedIn profile development!

When you’re in the middle of a job hunt, it can be hard to know which resources to focus on most and which are worth your while. While the Internet—and especially social media—has been brushed off in the past as a means of finding work, it now can serve as an extremely valuable tool during your job search efforts. Here’s how you can make the most of it!

1. Communicate

Social media is just that: social! Now is a prime opportunity to try and reach out to other people in your industry. Many of today’s social media platforms feature chat rooms about a myriad of subjects. You can easily find one related to your chosen industry and get to know other professionals in your area of expertise. They can help point you in the right direction as far as who’s hiring and what’s going on in your field.

2. Take Advantage of Popular Social Media Platforms

Thanks to their widespread usage, you may have come to associate the most popular social media sites, like LinkedIn and Facebook, as either purely for socialization and fun, or are simply skeptical as to whether they can really help you during your job search. As it turns out, this is one situation where you should truly believe the hype!

While sites Twitter, Facebook and others like it are most commonly used for social networking, you don’t want to discount the networking aspect. If you play your cards right and focus your efforts on business, you can use your social media accounts to forge worthwhile connections that can lead you to better job opportunities. Now would be a great time to create your LinkedIn profile if you haven’t already.

3. Google Yourself

While this may sound a bit vain, you’ll want to Google yourself before you set up any social media accounts just for the sake of seeing what comes up. Letting this go unchecked means you risk the chance of potential employers running into something unsavory when (and not if!) they look you up. You’re better off playing it safe and checking up on what’s associated with you on the Internet. Otherwise, it could end up costing you valuable job opportunities.

4. Be Direct

You don’t need to be discreet about your job search! Let those close to you know you’re in the midst of a hunt. You’ll need all the help you can get, and you never know where great connections will come from! Even if they don’t know any people who can directly provide you with work, they’ll be able to keep a look out for opportunities for you.

5. Focus on Networking

One of the best and most important aspects of any social media platform is its ability to quickly and easily put you in contact with millions of people, regardless of location. Be sure to use this to advantage! This will a key element to your Facebook and LinkedIn profile development. By researching the higher ups of the companies you’re interested in working for, you’ll know how to frame your social media accounts to better appeal to them. It will also be easier for you to get in touch with them and make a good impression.

We hope these tips will help you utilize social media far more easily as you look for your next career position. Of course, if you find yourself overwhelmed or confused, you can always turn to LinkedIn profile writing services to help you make the most of professional social media usage. Don’t hesitate to turn to your nearest resume writing service for your other job search needs!

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It’s no longer enough to look for a job through traditional methods such as  submitting an application and resume through job listings. Social media has become essential to the C-level job search. For this reason, LinkedIn profile development should become an integral part of your job search process.

Why Is LinkedIn Important?

There are a number of reasons why you need to focus on writing a stellar LinkedIn profile to help you obtain a C-level position. LinkedIn profile writing services can help you:

  • Promise value to a potential employer and advance thought leadership
  • Reach recruiters and decision makers
  • Advance your job search with LinkedIn’s unique features
  • Network with industry leaders who may connect you to your next position
  • Prove you are who you claim to be


How to Complete LinkedIn Profile Development

Whether you work with an experienced executive LinkedIn profile writer or you choose to attempt this process on your own, it’s essential to know what aspects of your profile require the most attention to be effective.

  1. Optimize Your Profile – Make sure your profile reflects every position you are considering. Be sure as much of your profile is complete as possible. A complete profile is more effective.
  2. Request Recommendations – LinkedIn allows coworkers and former employers to provide recommendations for individuals. While some people automatically provide these when you connect, you may need to ask others.
  3. Increase Your Network Connections – LinkedIn is designed to make networking online easy. Even before you start searching for a job, you should reach out and connect to other individuals in the industry you are considering. You should also connect with past coworkers, friends, family members and anyone else you know.
  4. Look for a Job via LinkedIn – LinkedIn Jobs makes it easier to use this social media site to find your next job. This tool will suggest jobs based on your profile. Therefore, you should follow companies and industries you are interested in and research recruiters in your industry.


Engaging in LinkedIn can be a useful tool in helping you find your next C-level position. However, without the proper LinkedIn profile development, you may impede your efforts, rather than help you obtain the right position. If your profile isn’t well-suited for your job search, employing the help of LinkedIn profile writing services will ensure your profile makes a good first impression and helps you land the job of your dreams. LinkedIn is the top social media site for executive-level positions.

If you need the help of an executive LinkedIn profile writer, contact us. We can help you revise or create your profile so it appeals to recruiters and prospective employers.

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