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How To Dress For Business Casual

One of the more flexible definitions in office wear is “business casual”. This is because there are so many variables in acceptable clothing for an office environment. So, how do you decide what the new workplace will define as “business casual” when you are told to show up for your new job? It really depends… Read more »

Decode Summertime Casual Fridays

Do you ever feel like “Casual Friday” in the summer months is like looking at an artistic photo that’s supposed to mean something? The problem is, everyone interprets that meaning in a slightly different way. Business Casual is tricky anyway (the link is to all the blogs on this site that address the subject), but… Read more »

The Ultimate Company Holiday Party Guide

The holiday season is quickly approaching, which means company holiday parties around the country are starting to take place. These parties offer great opportunities to mingle with co-workers you don’t normally have a chance to talk to and socialize in a stress-free environment. So why do you hear about so many holiday parties going wrong?… Read more »

The Biggest Networking Mistakes

Networking is an absolute must for a successful career. Unfortunately, many people consider networking events as nothing more than social time akin to a cocktail party. The truth is that networking events are more like a pre-interview on a mass scale. You are on display and you ensure that your goals, value, and expertise are… Read more »

How to Take Your Executive Resume Summary to the Next Level

Everyone has their own opinions about what part of a resume is the most important. The truth is you don’t really know which part is most important, since every hiring manager is different when it comes to what they prefer to see. One component the top resume writing services always recommends polishing is the executive… Read more »

Mistakes to Avoid When Creating Your Personal Brand

If you’re trying to make a name for yourself in any industry, spending a significant time focusing on your c-level personal branding is critical. It can take years to build your personal brand to the level you want it to be at, but avoiding some common mistakes along the way can help accelerate the process… Read more »

Could Blogging Help Your Career?

Experienced executives have a lot of knowledge that may be beneficial to many other people. If you have a good amount of experience and have decent writing skills, you could enhance your career even further by starting a blog. Even new executives who may not have a lot of experience, but have a lot of… Read more »

Here's How Summer Is the Best Time for Networking!

Whether you’re a brand new executive or you have years of experience, you should know by now that summer is one of the best times of the year for networking. You can spend hours working on resumes and cover letters during the colder months, but now is the time to disperse them to your best… Read more »