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Is Your LinkedIn Profile Executive Enough?

One question I get often is: just how important is it to optimize my LinkedIn profile? Short answer: very! In today’s fast-paced professional landscape, LinkedIn has emerged as a critical platform for executives seeking to enhance their online presence and attract valuable opportunities. As an executive-level professional, your LinkedIn profile should serve as a powerful… Read more »

What is read more? Your resume or your LinkedIn profile?

I would say at least in more than half of the conversations I have with job seekers, they end up asking me if they should have their LinkedIn profile written, or just their resume? What do hiring managers read the most? The resume or a LinkedIn profile? The answer is BOTH. Resumes and LinkedIn profiles… Read more »

Out With the Old and In with the New…LinkedIn Job Search Tips for 2022

If you’re planning on starting a new job search in 2022, you need to know that how you search for a job has changed greatly over the years. Whether you’re a new grad, management professional, seasoned executive, or C-Suite office holder, you need to ensure that you have the “dos” and “don’ts” of today’s job… Read more »

Making Your LinkedIn Profile Uniquely YOU!

Searching for a new job or have your eye on moving up to the next level with your current employer? You never know when an opportunity is going to present itself, so you need to be prepared!  One way to do so is to optimize your online presence, and LinkedIn is the premier site to… Read more »

Building a Credible LinkedIn Profile – and Using it To Move Your Career Forward

“Are you on LinkedIn?” “Can I connect with you through LinkedIn?” “Message me on LinkedIn, and we will set up a time to talk.”  Have you heard any of these phrases in your professional conversations over the past few years? They make a point…if you aren’t on LinkedIn AND actively engaging and networking on the… Read more »

Using Keywords to Create a Compelling Story on your LinkedIn Profile

If you are currently employed or actively seeking employment, chances are you have already established a presence on LinkedIn so recruiters and hiring managers can find you (and if you aren’t on LinkedIn, then quit reading, sign-up on the site, and then come back to this article). My question is…what are you doing/including on your… Read more »

What Should I Be Adding To My LinkedIn Profile?

Ever wonder if you are putting the *right* information on your LinkedIn profile? This is a common question I hear, “I don’t know if this or that should be on there” or “I wasn’t sure so I just downloaded/copy/pasted my whole resume to my profile.” While you want to establish the information you add is… Read more »

Top Experts To Know on LinkedIn in 2020

2019 was my year to get to know LinkedIn. I mean REALLY get to know it (more on that journey later). What I’ve discovered—and what gets me—are the stories and storytellers. I am amazed at the consistent content and relevant messaging these people put out. Posts rich in real-life experiences, expertise, and valuable information about… Read more »