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Clean up Your LinkedIn Profile This Summer With These Tips!

While most companies are hiring professionals and executives throughout the year, the summer months tend to be a little slower. With people taking time off to go on vacation and spending time away from the office, the hiring process takes a little longer than usual. For job seekers, this is the perfect time to clean… Read more »

Advice for Finding a Summer Job

If you’re a teenager or college student, or the parent of a teenager or college student, then you all know what time of year it is…time to find that much needed summer job.  While the economy has picked up a bit, there are many places, including here in Michigan where scoring a summer job is… Read more »

How to Balance Your Job Search and Your Current Job

One of the main benefits of looking for a new job while currently employed is you will generally be more attractive to employers. However, one of the risk includes someone finding out that leads to you getting fired or damaging your reputation. Balance is key when going through a situation like this. Even your LinkedIn… Read more »

Three Ways to Boost Your Job Searching Strategy This Autumn

Autumn can be a refreshing time of year, both from a weather perspective and for job seekers. You’ve gotten through the tough summer months and may feel a little worn down after applying for jobs consistently. The good news is autumn brings out new opportunities since school is back in session and newly graduated students… Read more »

Prepare Your Teen For First Job Expectations

It isn’t summer yet, but it soon will be time for the teenage job market to open up for high schoolers looking to start their working careers. Even though these first jobs will probably not become careers, there are a lot of ways the first job does shape the habits and expectations you have about… Read more »

How To Dress For Business Casual

One of the more flexible definitions in office wear is “business casual”. This is because there are so many variables in acceptable clothing for an office environment. So, how do you decide what the new workplace will define as “business casual” when you are told to show up for your new job? It really depends… Read more »

Job Search Prospects from a Candidate's Perspective

Today’s job seekers are more critical about the hiring process than ever and many companies are starting to see this trend continue. It seems more people are going for the same jobs, which creates competition for critical positions where many people have similar or comparative skills. To make things even more difficult for those looking for… Read more »