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Close but No Cigar: How to Handle It When Hiring's Not Happening

Job searches are hard. We understand. Figuratively, you’re casting your line out in the world’s largest pond, already flanked with fishermen with just as much skill as you, and the fish headed your way are extremely choosy as to whose lure they’ll take. So what happens when you work your hardest, buy the best possible… Read more »

The Best Ways to Tweak Your Resume to Match a Position

Hidden inside every job listing is key information about the position. There are some useful points in a job posting you can use when writing a professional resume and cover letter. In fact, you can use the information the company provides to make resumes that get you hired by matching it up with precisely what they are looking… Read more »

How and Why Your LinkedIn Profile and Resume Aren’t the Same Thing

When you are looking for employment, there are many tools at your disposal. Some of them are online, and a few of them are off. One of the most powerful online platforms for professionals is LinkedIn. This social platform is different from many other online networks because it caters to the professional. For anyone looking… Read more »

How Long Should Your Resume Be?

Traditional thinking holds your resume should be no longer than one page, but have times changed? An executive resume service will typically urge you to keep it to no more than two pages. However, some will say three pages is appropriate in certain instances. The bottom line is there are exceptions to every rule, and although your… Read more »

Ring in the New Year with a New Job!

With the start of the new year, job hunting may be more important to you than ever, whether you’re on the lookout for a change or just beginning. One of the most helpful things you can do is to start polishing your search methods as soon as possible—so you can dive into the 2016 job… Read more »

Will a General Resume Work for Your Executive Job Search?

A general resume is exactly that – general. When seeking an executive position, your resume needs to be a focused presentation of relevant skills. You need to be able to demonstrate how you can benefit your target company in an executive capacity. The types of resumes that get you hired are polished, concise and tightly… Read more »

Think the Traditional Resume Is Dead? Think Again!

Technology is an essential tool in today’s job-seeking climate. Online profiles are valuable, but they serve to complement, not replace, the traditional resume. Writing a professional resume as a part of your career advancement efforts isn’t a mere formality; it is a vital communication tool that can offer potential employers a reason to find out… Read more »

How to Master Online Executive Job Hunting

While the job market is improving, it can still be difficult to land the job you want, winning out over many other candidates. Searching online can be one of the best ways to locate jobs for which you are qualified and even start the application process. Before you start looking, however, it’s important to work… Read more »