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Online Authority is Essential for Professionals

Professional resume and executive resume services have always emphasized the importance of networking for those interested in finding a job or moving ahead in their career plans. This is because the interactions we have with others in our industries creates a background impression that job applications, resumes, and cover letters are viewed against. People see… Read more »

The Top 5 Skills Sought By Employers In 2014 (and what that means for 2015)

Did you ever wonder what the global job market is actually looking for? LinkedIn is in a unique position to find out, so after analyzing over 330 million LinkedIn member profiles, they came up with The 25 Hottest Professional Skills of 2014. Of that 25, the top 5 are: Statistical Analysis and Data Mining Middleware… Read more »

Grab Your Calendar Before It's Too Late

That trade show or seminar might not be for a few months, but if you know it is coming, then you can put it in your calendar with the deadline for registry. Your career depends on being current, right? So plan for it. Very often, the notification for registry gets lost in the shuffle of… Read more »

Job Mob's Top 40 Job Search articles

  JobMob recently published their Top 40+ Job Search Blog Posts of 2013. This is a great list from distinguished career experts of what other job searchers have been reading and have found helpful, all over the globe. One of our latest posts is on that list: Unemployed? You Have Secret Powers! Of course, it… Read more »

Design Your Job Search For Success

A job search or career change is like building a home: both require thought, research, and careful planning to be successful. When you look at blueprints for a custom-built home, you see the wisdom of many experts compiled to create the perfect house. Codes and construction standards, design details and homeowner’s dreams — it’s all… Read more »

6 Benefits to Look for When Job Searching in 2021

As you begin your 2021 job search, there are plenty of essential things on your mind: “What are my career interests?” “Which types of jobs am I qualified for?” “What is my ideal work environment?” “Am I a more independent worker or a more collaborative one?” “Do I want to work part-time or full-time?” “How… Read more »

Leadership Tools for Executives Seeking New Opportunities

  Taking on a new leadership opportunity can come with undue stress surrounding the demands and qualifications of the role. Familiarizing yourself with the common tools executives use to operate at their full potential can make a major difference in your confidence entering the new position. Use the strategies listed below to give yourself a… Read more »

I Was The Perfect Fit! Why Wasn’t I Hired?

How many times have you felt you were PERFECT for that role, but still didn’t get it? You went over the interview in your mind a hundred times, noted how easily the conversation flowed, how they interviewer would nod enthusiastically when you described a certain experience or skill. They seemed excited when they said they… Read more »