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10 critical mistakes to avoid when writing your resume

After talking with so many people, I know many of you work and work to create the perfect resume, only to look it over when you are finished and realize your resume doesn’t say, or reflect, just what you want it to. And often times, that keeps you from being called for interviews. I’ve included… Read more »

Writing your own Resume. Up to the Challenge?

Writing a resume for yourself can be challenging, at best. That is why most people these days hire a professional to do it. It’s much easier for the professional because they aren’t you! It’s hard for people to figure out what information should stay or go. How many pages? What about this job or that… Read more »

Mastering and Adapting Your Resume to Market Trends

In the ever-evolving job market, adapting your resume to reflect current trends is crucial. A well-crafted resume does more than list your skills and experiences; it positions you as an ideal candidate in the eyes of potential employers (the goal). This post will guide you on how to master and adapt your resume to stay… Read more »

ATS or Hiring Manager–Who should I write my resume for?

Does the thought of writing your resume leave you confused? Not sure who will be reading this? An AI (ATS) or a human? It can feel stressful to know what to write, who to write for (recruiters? hiring managers?), what keywords, etc., especially when you aren’t sure exactly what an applicant tracking system does. I’ll… Read more »

How to Write an Executive Resume When You Don’t Have a College Degree

Do you know what one of the most common concerns I hear from clients? “I don’t have a degree.” Executive job seekers come to us to rewrite their resumes and in doing that we need to create their story. For some people, that does not include education. Or, they started it, the job got busy,… Read more »

Updating Your Resume in 5 Quick Steps

Has this happened to you? A company you’ve had your eye on for a while suddenly has an opening. You are perfect for it. Not only are you perfect for it but it’s the perfect role for you. More seniority, increase in pay, remote work options, family-oriented, and so on. You open up your documents… Read more »

7 Skills to Acquire During Quarantine That Can Boost Your Resume

If you’re one of the millions of Americans who’s been under some level of COVID-19 quarantine restrictions over the last several months, you’re probably starting to feel a little restless these days. You’ve organized the garage, participated in virtual happy hours, and run out of stuff to stream — now what? Whether you’re on the… Read more »

5 Resume Hacks for 2020 Job Seekers

Finding that first job after graduating or starting a career change can be one of life’s greatest challenges. Getting a solid job in the industry you want to work in, however, can open doors to success that lasts a lifetime. That makes landing a strategic job worth all the effort you put into it. That… Read more »