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Using LinkedIn to find a Job and Network in your Industry

If you’ve never heard of LinkedIn, you’re already behind. According to their homepage, over 55 million professionals belong to the networking site, including every chief executive of a Fortune 500 company! Right now, every second, LinkedIn gets a new member. The masses have spoken with their profiles: LinkedIn is a necessary resource to increase the… Read more »

Resolution… or a commitment to ourselves?

Last year I posted about not liking the term “resolution”–that I always seemed to fail miserably when I wrote down my New Years Resolutions, so instead I switched to ‘small attainable goals’. I can handle that. Like, ‘walk 20 minutes a day’, or ‘eat at least 2 vegetables a day’ (yes, V8 juice or a… Read more »

How to keep up the Job Hunt during the Holidays

I am a member of the Career Collective, a group of  resume writers and career coaches. Each month, all members discuss a topic. Please follow our tweets on Twitter #careercollective This month we are discussing helping job seekers stay focused and encouraged during the holiday season.  I encourage you to visit the links below to… Read more »

Fighting Job Search Depression

It is common to feel discouraged, even hopeless, during a job hunt that runs longer than you would like. In this financial environment, some people’s job searches run for months. So here are some tips to keep in mind when the job hunt has you feeling low. 1. As they say, a job hunt is… Read more »

Making the job hunt Your Job

Job-hunting has never been a walk in the park, and these days, it’s even harder. You’re staring down the barrel of double-digit inflation rates, and unemployment statistics are showing numbers that have never been higher. How do you get a job, then? Well, you treat every minute that you’re unemployed like you still have a… Read more »

Job hunting with a conviction on your record

I recently had a client call to have his resume done, and in the course of our discussion, out popped a confession that he had two misdemeanors. They were five years old, but still, not good. He has faced many obstacles during the job search, even though his misdemeanors had nothing to do with a… Read more »

Social Network Screening & Your Business

Social networking has become deeply rooted in the vast majority of everyday life. People use it for entertainment, communication and now, increasingly more for work. Yet, there are  still many people who don’t want to either invest the time or don’t know how to set up profiles and use these different sites. It is not… Read more »

5 Executive Job Boards

5 Executive Job Boards If you’re an executive searching for a job, you know how difficult the job search is. You can’t just follow the same rules and patterns that most sites recommend for job searches. Additionally, most sites don’t gear their writing or even dedicate a portion of it to covering what executives need… Read more »