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Three Ways to Boost Your Job Searching Strategy This Autumn

Autumn can be a refreshing time of year, both from a weather perspective and for job seekers. You’ve gotten through the tough summer months and may feel a little worn down after applying for jobs consistently. The good news is autumn brings out new opportunities since school is back in session and newly graduated students… Read more »

Social Media Makeover: What to Do Before You Start Hunting

Believe it or not, the majority of employers will review your social media profiles before hiring you. Social media used to be just a fun way to communicate with friends online, but since it’s been booming in recent years, recruiters are also utilizing social media. It basically gives employers free access to see how you… Read more »

How Social Media and Job Boards Can Work Hand in Hand

While social media is a relatively new development, it has made waves around the world thanks to its exceptionally wide reach. It can now be used to influence the world, whether it’s through helping others form lasting friendships or simply staying in touch with those they love, inspire political change or even communicate consumer needs… Read more »

What Not to Do as a 50+ Job Seeker

Navigating today’s demanding and ever-changing job market is tough—no matter what age you are. If you’re 50 or over, however, learning the ropes can be even more of a challenge. It’s highly likely that it’s been years upon years since you last searched for a job, and the market has changed tenfold since you were… Read more »

How Those 50 and Over Can Conduct an Easier

You never thought this would happen to you, but it has. You’re 50+ in age and find yourself suddenly out of work, struggling to keep your head above water in a job market you no longer recognize, which bears no resemblance to the Greensheets and wanted ads you pored over during your youth. What should… Read more »

5 Ways You May Be Hurting Your Chances with Your Email Communication

Email is an important part of professional communication, especially in this day and age where everything seems to depend upon the use of technology. However, a certain finesse comes with sending out emails in a professional context—which, for some, may be trickier to master. If you don’t know the decorum for sending out emails to… Read more »

Fired? Learn How to Rebuild Your Resume

Moving on to another job is rarely easy, but when you’ve been fired from your job, regardless of the reason, you may feel like writing a professional resume is even more difficult. This time is when C-level personal branding becomes a necessity. Executive resume writing services can help you rebuild your resume so you can successfully move on from… Read more »

What Do Employers Really Look for in a Resume?

Whether you’re looking for your first job after college or you are ready for a career change, writing an executive resume can be an intimidating process. Do you know what employers are really looking for in resumes that get you hired? Many professionals don’t know the answer to this important question. The top resume writing service can help you… Read more »