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The Fine Art of Networking

One of the most powerful tools you can use in your job search is networking with other people. It is not just networking with other professionals within your industry-networking can also take place with friends, family and acquaintances who will put you in touch with people who can help you with your career. However, networking must… Read more »

Add Informational Interviews To Your Networking To Do List

Networking does not always mean social networking. While social networking is good, it’s better to add a personal touch to it by utilizing informational interviews. An informational interview is where you, as the job seeker, asks for a meeting with someone in charge of a particular company. You are, in essence, interviewing them, not for… Read more »

Networking Myths vs. the Reality

In spite of the demonstrated value of networking as a primary job search technique, many people have a very hard time grasping the concept. They may recognize its value for other people, yet they do not think that they have the personal characteristics to put it all together. If you consider yourself one of the… Read more »

Networking Through Business Lunches or Trade Shows

Although the Internet has been a boon to networking over the past decade or so, there is something to be said for a face-to-face networking over business lunches or trade shows. Adding a personal touch that might be missing from cold emails and Twitter, a lunch with a colleague can be an invaluable tool for… Read more »

The Dangers of Social Networking During a Job Hunt

It seems that everyone from teenagers to top-level executives of multi-million dollar corporations have taken to social networking online. These types of sites have been around for a while now, so it’s become common knowledge that you should keep your personal information private for safety reasons. However, your presence on social networking sites can do… Read more »

Networking tools for your job search

If you have found yourself looking for a job in the past couple years, you are probably all too familiar with the frustration that usually accompanies the search. People with jobs will give you advice—they’ll tell you to update your resume, rearrange your resume, make your cover letter more personal but shorter, more informative but… Read more »

Overview from the CDI Summit (think networking & food)

Hello. I am back from being GONE. And when I say ‘gone’ I mean at a conference. THE conference. Career Directors International’s Summit 2009. It was fabulous. To top off a weekend of learning, networking, fun and enormous amounts of food, the setting was beautiful. And of course, as soon as I returned to Michigan,… Read more »

Social Networking… What are you waiting for?

There are die hards out there who still insist the best way to get a job is the old fashion way– newspaper ads and word-of-mouth. While I agree on the word-of-mouth (a.k.a. networking) point, let’s face it, the reality of finding a “career” through a newspaper ad is slim. So, if you are still unfamiliar with… Read more »