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Resume Creation

Professionally written, power-packed resume highlights your steady career progression and accomplishments, education, training, professional development, activities, etc. Keywords will be added in all the necessary places and industry lingo is used. Executives and senior level professionals, add an extra day.

Resume Review

How long have you been analyzing your resume? You think it’s good, yet you aren’t getting much of a response from it. Friends and colleagues all have opinions about it but you still aren’t sure if it’s right or not. If you aren’t getting hits, chances are something is off. It could be a number of things. Experience, messaging, branding, keywords?

It’s time to turn it over to the professionals. Let one of our certified resume writers critique your resume for you.


Your resume review specialist will offer comprehensive suggestions about your resume along with insights into what the reader will want to see including a thorough examination of the resume against a position of interest.

  • You will get a comprehensive, easy-to-follow, three- to four-page report about your resume detailing everything you’ll need to know to get your resume working for you.
  • You will also speak with the resume reviewer for a 20-30-minute consultation to go over what is working on the resume and areas that need improvement.

Don’t waste another day wondering if your resume is “good” or not. Leave it to us.

Resume Audit Package Includes:

  • Overall Appearance & Consistency
  • Spelling & Syntax
  • Resume Objective & Focus
  • Position & Strategy
  • Accomplishments & Expertise
  • Formatting Sections & Organization
  • Keyword Optimization
  • Branding & Messaging
  • Information Relevance
(PLEASE NOTE:  this is NOT a resume rewrite. This is our expert telling you what is working and what is not.)

Mid-Level Package

Mid-Level Package Includes:

  • One-on-One Consult
  • Mid-Level Resume
  • Mid-Level Cover Letter
  • Customizable eNote
  • Thank You Letter Template
  • Unlimited Email Support
  • PLUS! Briefs, Guides, & Reports:
    – Targeted Phone Scripts
    – How to Electrify Your Elevator Pitch
    – Social Connector Worksheet
    – When To Turn Down a Job Offer
    – FAQs About “Stay Interviews”
  • Reference Dossier (Bonus #1)
  • Accomplishments Journal (Bonus #2)
  • Job Search eBook (Bonus #3)

Want to add a LinkedIn profile to your package?  Only $795 for our LinkedIn Premier add-on. 

The resume package highlights your brand and steady progression of leadership and accomplishments. Our strategic approach — honed through years of helping highly qualified candidates — breaks through the hiring and recruiting noise with the keywords and action phrases that hiring managers listen for. Perfect for Senior Managers, Directors, AVP’s, and VP’s.

→ Our turnaround time is 5-7 business days for the first draft after you have sent us your information.

Call / email us now to speak to a resume consultant!
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