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Men: Making the decision to stay at home

Men making the decision to stay at home have become a more common decision these days, with extended paternal leave benefits, and partners who are making as much or more money than their spouses. Stay-at-home fathers are more accepted nowadays too, socially, with more men making the decision with their spouses that the family as… Read more »

How to Get Employers to Call You Back

How many times have you found yourself in this situation: several days prior, you had an interview.  It seemed to go well and the interviewer informed you that they would ‘get back to you.’  You went home, excited, but as the days passed with no call, you begin to question every aspect of the interviewing,… Read more »

Executive MBA’s: What’s the Value?

Many executives who are looking for an opportunity to receive their Masters degree without impinging on their current responsibilities are turning to Executive MBA’s. These unique programs offer professionals a curriculum that fits neatly into their professional world.  The programs are designed for a group setting and in most cases, a group of students will… Read more »

How to ace a phone interview

More and more of my clients are telling me that their first interview is a phone interview. Today, it is common to participate in a phone interview as a first step. Phone interviews are designed to weed out candidates who are not a good fit for the company, in spite of their qualifications. Taking the… Read more »

How to Network on LinkedIn

For those of you who have talked to me, you know that I unabashedly love LinkedIn. As social networking goes for professionals, it’s my favorite.  LinkedIn has a much cleaner interface than other sites such as MySpace, Plaxo or Facebook. Setting up a profile on LinkedIn can put your name at the top of the… Read more »

Just How Do Keywords Work In a Resume?

So many people are put off by the idea of writing a resume, and ignore doing it until the absolute last possible minute, many times when it is too late. Using a resume that is written properly will save you a lot of heartache in the end, though—and is worth the time investment. Taking advantage… Read more »

What Degrees Earn the Most Return in Terms of Pay?

As students near graduation from college, or are starting back to class, more often than not their thoughts turn financial. Whether they chose a major with an end career in mind or they use their college education as a springboard for new opportunities, all students must consider their return on investment. With the cost of… Read more »

How Companies Use Recruiters (and what that means for you!)

Occasionally I get asked about recruiters, if the client should use one, how companies find them, and what recruiters do for companies. So here is a little article on what recruiters are about. Making the best use of recruiters is something that almost all major corporations do now. Taking advantage of someone that is trained… Read more »