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Errors on a Resume – How Important Are They?

Job hunting is not anyone’s favorite thing to do. Neither is writing a resume either, unless you do it for a living. So when you find errors on your resume after you’ve sent it, how important are they?  This just happened to a friend of mine. No sooner had her finger hit ‘send’, did she… Read more »

Expand Your Prosperity Consciousness

Ed’s Note: Here he is again! Back by popular demand. In this article, Jack Canfield, Success Coach, talks about expanding your ‘prosperity consciousness’ or becoming more comfortable with money. As always, Jack’s articles really open my own mind. Hope you enjoy! by Jack Canfield Understanding the relationship among consciousness, action, and prosperity is crucial to… Read more »

Federal jobs–the hidden job market?

Recently, I was at the Career Directors International Empowerment Summit in Orlando, Florida. While I learned lots of interesting things, probably one of the most surprising for me was the talk on Federal Jobs. Barb Adams, the President & CEO of CareerPro Global Inc., taught us what agencies were hiring  and how the Obama Administration… Read more »

"I'm Laid Off??"

Editors Note: Kristi Musgrave is a colleague and friend of mine, as well as today’s Guest Blogger. She has oodles of management experience as well as interesting stories to share. Enjoy! ++++ “I’m laid off?” I couldn’t believe it. I had worked for a large biopharmaceutical manufacturer for six years. I loved my job. I… Read more »

Cover Letter Tips

Cover letters seem to be difficult for people, even resume writers. Why is that? What makes a good cover letter? Cover letters can be fun to write. There really aren’t many ‘rules’ to writing them. You can let your personality shine through. They allow you to positively present your skills, accomplishments, and credentials in a… Read more »

Social Networking… What are you waiting for?

There are die hards out there who still insist the best way to get a job is the old fashion way– newspaper ads and word-of-mouth. While I agree on the word-of-mouth (a.k.a. networking) point, let’s face it, the reality of finding a “career” through a newspaper ad is slim. So, if you are still unfamiliar with… Read more »

Brand New Website!

Brand New Web Site                                            I have been MIA lately… it’s not that I haven’t wanted to blog, I really have, it’s just that I’ve been doing something really exciting and had to wait until it was completed until I could blog again. It was worth the wait. I launched a new website. It’s been a… Read more »