For clients seeking $250,000 – $1 million+ in career opportunities. CEO, CIO, CFO, CTO, CIO, CXO's, Presidents and Board Positions.

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Mid-Level Executives

For clients seeking a VP, Director, Senior Manager role-level impactful role in a leading organization.

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For clients with 3-8 years of experience and looking to take the next step. A unique document based on your education, training, and achievements.

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LinkedIn Profiles

With half a billion users — more than 60 million of whom are senior level influencers — it’s clear why LinkedIn.com powers the social networking revolution in career development. Less clear to many people is how to marshall that power for their next big career boost. Our expert-level LinkedIn specialists know and are ready to help create a LinkedIn profile that gets you found fast!

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Resume Distribution

Whether you are actively seeking a new position or just monitoring the job market, the most effective way of getting a new position is to work with a recruiter. Not just any recruiter, though. Your resume must get into the hands of select recruiters looking to fill that unique and rewarding role. Forget messy and unfocused “resume blasts.” Our proprietary approach and best-in-class software identify potential opportunities specifically suited to your individual preferences.

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Are you wondering how to write the perfect executive resume?

If you’re like the majority of our senior executive clients seeking an executive role in an organization, you have many questions. At Professional Resume Services, we know how to answer them and what it takes to take your resume to the top level.
  • Does my executive resume accurately describe me?

    If you have not devoted the time and effort to update your resume based on up-to-the-minute hiring trends, the answer is probably “No.” That’s because the executive recruiting field is a living, breathing thing that can change overnight. That’s not to say you need a revised resume every day, but you do need one that demonstrates an understanding of recruiters’ goals.

  • What does my current resume lack?

    At Professional Resume Services, a common issue we see is executives underselling or not clarifying their experience. While it can be difficult to quantify certain roles or duties, it’s an effort with a high ROI. We’ve helped hundreds of executives like yourself mine their careers for resume-bolstering gold.

  • How much information on a resume is TOO much?

    Your resume needs to reflect your achievements and capabilities. The days of repetitive lists that begin “Responsible for …” are gone. A good place to start? Make sure the data on your resume 1) is relevant to the role(s) you seek and 2) weaves your value into your story 3) finesses a strong understanding of your brand into the document 4) organized in a way to showcase your achievements and your strategy Prioritize and promote your best career features and you’ll be closer to a resume that gets you an interview.

  • How do I conduct an executive job search?

    The best way to conduct an executive job search is the same way you tackle vital business projects: carefully examine what is needed, ensure the resources are available to achieve success, and bring the best people aboard. It’s no different than what you’ve done a thousand or more times.

  • Why should I hire someone to help me with my resume?

    If you’ve already started your job search, you already understand that looking for a new position — especially at the executive level — is a business unto itself: there are meetings to hold, research to conduct, events at which to network. As the saying goes: if you’re working IN your business, you don’t have time to be working ON your business. Replicating the amount of experience and number of accolades Professional Resume Services holds would take you many, many years … time you simply don’t have. You have enough on your plate; turn to us for your executive resume support.

  • Is it okay to use a resume template?

    A resume that helps you stand apart from the crowd is crucial. The problem with resume templates is they assume your career is the equivalent of cookie dough waiting to be shaped exactly like all of the other candidates out there.

  • Does Professional Resume Services Create ATS-Friendly Resumes?

    Yes, we do! We use the information you give us in our consultations with you, positions of interest, past positions, career documents, and more to help us craft a resume that will be “found” by the ATS. We create a format that the ATS can parse, decide, and store.

    ATS stands for applicant tracking system. Whether you are applying to a large or small company, chances are, your resume will be submitted to an ATS. An ATS saves hiring managers lots of time by not having to weed through stacks of resumes of candidates who don’t have the experience the role calls for.

    In a nutshell, the ATS parses your resume for keywords, abbreviations, keyword action phrases, and specific terms the recruiter or hiring manager plugs into it according to the needs of the company. It will scan, collect, and rank a resume making it easier for the recruiter to determine which candidates might be a good fit. 70% of candidates get screened out due to lack of qualifications (keywords) or poor formatting. Making sure your resume is “ATS Ready” is critical.


Your search is over. The answers you need to create your ideal executive resume are right here.

Regardless of the questions you have about creating an attention-getting/the ideal executive resume, we can help. We know what needs to be on the resume to get your foot in the door — how it should look, how it needs to represent your personal brand, and why it signals you as the best candidate for the job. Trained by pioneers of the modern resume writing industry, our team of writers craft one-of-a-kind professional and executive resume campaigns that get the job done.

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Good morning, Marie. I wanted to let you know that I was offered the Chief Global Marketing Officer role with Big Company International and I’ve accepted it. I start next Monday in Dallas at our Board meeting. Might as well jump right into it! Anyway, I appreciate your help with my resume and LinkedIn profile. I think they played an important role in my search process

B. White

Chief Global Marketing Officer

Erin- By the way, wanted to give you an update. It’s been about ~ 3 mths since we first made contact and couldn’t be happier with my investment. I am still happily employed using this time to explore other opportunities but using your resources have made me much more confident in my job search and have received very positive responses. Thanks again–and we will stay in touch going forward.

J. Rivers

Global Supply Chain Executive

Kristi, You did an AWESOME job with my profile at LinkedIn. I just went in to view it and was so surprised at how wonderfully professional it looks. Thank you so very much you can’t imagine how much I appreciate this. You have made my day and my week. Patricia, thank you for the resume services, it has been worth every penny thus far. Now I am ready for the next step!

C. Smith

IT Project Manager

Greg, I just want to let you know that your work on my resume has paid off! Within a couple of weeks of getting my new resume, I began to be contacted by executive recruiters. And this week I finally accepted an offer for an executive role at a very promising company!
Thank you for your excellent work on my resume, cover letter, and thank you letter! While the service appeared to be a tad expensive it has been extremely satisfying to immediately see the results. It has p...

M. Krishna

Rene- For many years, I did not see the value of resume writing services because I saw colleagues who had resumes “professionally” written for them that I considered to be no better than my own self-written resume. However, I always believed that my resume was more than adequate but far from great. I suppose this was the reason that I decided to extensively research resume writers and take a leap of faith by contracting with Erin Kennedy’s Professional Resume Services. The company partn...

D. Lane

Senior Finance Executive

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To determine the best football team each year, the National Football League hosts the Super Bowl. To identify the top film performers every year, the Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences hosts the Academy Awards celebration. Professional resume writers have their own way of heralding excellence: Career Directors International (CDI) hosts the resume writing industry’s prestigious Toast of the Resume Industry™ (TORI) resume writing competition each year. Professional Resume Services’ Erin Kennedy, MCD, CMRW, CPRW holds five top TORI awards, including “Best Executive Resume” and “Best Financial Resume,” including an additional five nominations. When you hire an executive resume service, you put your career in its hands. Credentials matter — learn more about ours here!

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