CFO Resume Sample

Reverse chronological showcasing client’s Core Competencies.

“Bill has had significant achievements as he progressed up the ladder. His writer kept the accomplishments brief and to-the-point. A globe design was added to emphasize his global experience as he wanted to move more into a global role again.”

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Chief Financial Officer Resume

Interested in a Chief Financial Officer Resume resume?

Chief Technology Officer Resume Sample

“Brad had been in senior level (c-level) roles for the same company and was ready to take on more challenges at a different company. His writer, Rene, didn’t focus on industry as much as skill so he could choose the industry he wanted. Brad later moved into a CTO role at a healthcare device company.”

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Entrepreneur Finance Resume

Interested in a Entrepreneur Finance Resume resume?

Executive Financial Turnarounds Resume Sample

“Margaret wanted to get back into a corporate role after taking on entrepreneurial roles. Her writer, Marie, focused on her skillset and helped move her back into a corporate position.”

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Finance Exec Sample

Interested in a Finance Exec Sample resume?

Global CEO Resume

Interested in a Global CEO Resume resume?

Health & Wellness Resume Sample

“As Ericka’s career progressed, she found her passion was in health, nutrition, education, and daily living. She enjoyed her present job but wanted to leave the start up and sink her teeth into a similar, but more challenging role, for a larger corporation. Her writer, Christina, indicated her strengths in a column on the right and created a brief but interesting Executive Profile.”

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HR Exec

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HR Networking Resume

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Instructional Designer Resume

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IT Consultant Resume Sample

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IT Networking Resume

Interested in a IT Networking Resume resume?

Lean Consultant Resume Sample

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Mid-Level Operations Resume

Interested in a Mid-Level Operations Resume resume?

New Professional Resume Sample

Interested in a New Professional Resume Sample resume?

Procurement Director Resume Sample

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Sales Executive Resume Sample

A reverse chronological, accomplishment-focused resume with results graphs.

“Jennifer felt she was at the peak of her sales management roles at her current company and wanted a change. She was interested in moving into a similar role but for a small- to mid-sized technology start up or an internet-based company.”

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Senior Executive Resume

Interested in a Senior Executive Resume resume?