Outplacement Services

Outplacement Services

Outplacement support can significantly lower an affected employee’s burden of stress and uncertainty after job loss. These services offer professional support, advice, and resources to help make the transition more comfortable and confident after the loss.

Offering outplacement services will enhance your company’s reputation for sensitivity and responsibility.  During organizational changes that bring about layoffs, it can be essential to maintain morale among those remaining and reduce negative fallout.

With 24 years in the careers industry, our outplacement service helps people reevaluate their career goals, look for new opportunities, and develop the skills that are critical in moving into a new job.

We have created a program to help your affected employees move into their next role with confidence, preparation, and ease. 

They could receive any of the following:

  • Three months of personalized coaching sessions. This is with a certified career coach assigned to them based on their individual needs to determine goals, strengths, and areas for development.
  • Resume and cover letter writing assistance. They’ll partner with one of our award-winning, certified resume writers who have decades of experience and expertise in their field. In addition, they’ll be able to bring out the skills, experiences, and achievements that will increase their chances of securing interviews. The resume will be ATS-friendly and recruiter-approved.
  • Assessments & Job Exploration. We provide career assessments to help employees uncover a variety of careers that may suit them. The assessments focus on key areas like skills, interests, and values. 
  • Interview coaching & prep.  During this session, they’ll receive interview prep, perform mock interviews, and how to answer some of the usual and difficult questions. They will discuss AI interviews, group interviews, and more. Similarly, they’ll learn the importance of body language, presentation skills, and exuding confidence. 
  • Salary Research & Negotiation Training. They will learn how to research salaries of potential roles and also learn how to negotiate during interviews.
  • Networking. Their coach will help with professional networks and the best way to use platforms like LinkedIn to find job opportunities. They’ll learn how to become a “super-connector” and, above all, get over any fears of reaching out, etc. 
  • Job Search Strategies. The employee and coach will create a detailed and step-by-step development of customized job search plans, including advice on targeting appropriate levels, roles, and industries. They’ll also start setting realistic job search objectives and effective time management of activities for job procurement.
  • LinkedIn Profile: One of our certified LinkedIn experts will work with them to build out their profile from start to finish. After that, the new profile will have their personal branding, fresh content, SEO- and keyword-driven, and an eBook showing them how to use it strategically to find new opportunities. 
  • Accountability Coaching: Sometimes you need an accountability partner to follow up with you weekly to check in on progress, goals, and strategize on the next move. Our coaches can help with that. 

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