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2008 Horoscopes – Salary Negotiation By Sign

By Shanon Lyon, Special to

We’d all like more money, but how you approach a salary negotiation depends largely on your personality and work style. These 2008 horoscopes provide a bit of insight on how to approach your next salary negotiation.

Career Horoscope for Capricorn
December 23 – January 20

As a Capricorn, you work hard for your money. And, since you’re ambitious and patient, in most cases, you’ll likely get what’s due to you without having to ask. If you fear you’re being passed over, approach your salary discussions in your usual practical, no-nonsense way.

Career Horoscope for Aquarius
January 21 – February 19

You’re original and inventive, but you prefer to fly solo. Unfortunately, your lone wolf approach could cost you a promotion or a raise. Before entering a salary discussion, make sure you’ve demonstrated your ability to work well with others. And let your boss lead the negotiation. Suppress your impulse to throw out the first number.

Career Horoscope for Pisces
February 20 – March 20

Trust your intuition this year. If you think you deserve a little more cash in your pocket, you probably do. But, as a quiet fish who’s in danger of getting stepped on, you’ll have to speak up. Know exactly what you want before you ask, then ask with confidence. If your employer doesn’t meet your needs, consider looking for better opportunities elsewhere.

Career Horoscope for Aries
March 21 – April 20

You’re cool and confident, but you can also be impulsive and impatient. The salary negotiation tactic that will serve you best is a well-made plan. Know exactly what you plan to say and make sure you schedule a meeting for the discussion. Don’t approach your boss at the end of a meeting or in the hallway. You’re a great champion for a cause, so, with a plan in place, you should have no problem making a convincing case.

Career Horoscope for Taurus
April 21 – May 21

You’re not one to stir the pot, but, you won’t get a raise unless you ask. Realize that “no” is the worst that can happen. Use your natural business sense to approach the discussion in a straightforward, business-like way. And if your request is denied (or your raise isn’t as high as you’d hoped), don’t let your occasional hot temper flare. Ask for suggestions on how to improve and get to where you want to be.

Career Horoscope for Gemini
May 22 – June 21

You love to talk, and your eloquence and charm can come in handy when it comes to money. Make the conversation less about you and your needs and more about what you have done and will continue to do for the company and your boss. And, as hard as it might be, let your boss do most of the talking. You’ll get more information this way and be better able to negotiate. Silence can be a very effective strategy.

Career Horoscope for Cancer
June 22 – July 22

Though you’re outwardly thick-skinned, on the inside, you’re a sensitive person who takes negative feedback to heart. Your cautious and non-confrontational ways could keep you from approaching your boss about a raise, but, remember that business is business. Keep your emotions out of it, and you’ll be able to handle the discussion with grace and ease.

Career Horoscope for Leo
July 23 -August 21

As the king of the zodiac, you’re self confident and self-controlled. You know what you want and how to get it, which sets you up for a successful salary discussion. It’s in your nature to shoot for your stars, but make sure you do your homework first. Find out if there’s a salary scale for your position and then assess what others in similar positions are making. Aim high, but be realistic.

Career Horoscope for Virgo
August 22 – September 23

Don’t let your worrying ways get the best of you when asking for a raise. Before approaching your boss, write down all your accomplishments and contributions (better yet, keep track of them throughout the year). You’re often reluctant to take credit for a job well done, so ask for some peer input as well. Review your list several times before discussing your salary with your boss.

Career Horoscope for Libra
September 24 – October 23

As a Libran, your sense of justice and fair play is remarkable, but your reluctance to ruffle feathers could prevent you from making more money, even if you deserve it. Be assertive and ask for what you want. If you get what you think you’re worth, great. If not, perhaps you don’t belong there anyway.

Career Horoscope for Scorpio
October 24 – November 22

Because you dislike (and can easily detect) superficial flattery, you prefer to see the fruits of your labor in the form of cold, hard cash. Your straightforwardness will fare you well, just don’t get impatient. Temper your typical bluntness with diplomacy and keep a lid on your emotions when you discuss your salary with your boss.

Career Horoscope for Sagittarius
November 23 – December 22

You’re adept at social situations, so use this to your advantage when negotiating a raise. As a natural born traveler, you’re also a perfect candidate for alternate forms of compensation. Be flexible and willing to consider other options. Perhaps an extra week of vacation would be more valuable than money?