Career Summary

Resume Writing

Take a look at your resume. What does it say at the top? Does it accurately describe your strengths and skills? Does it grab you? If you were the hiring person, would you read it and say, “Wow! Who is this person?”, or would you put the resume in the circular file?

The top half of your resume needs to be fantastic in order to catch the attention of a hiring manager. If they have 200 resumes to look at a week, they will put aside the dull and uninformative ones to get to the more eye-appealing and exciting ones.

If you are still using an objective, say for example: “To obtain a position where I can use my education and experience to achieve a high-paying position with room for advancement”… BEEP! Wrong answer. If your resume says that, crumple it up and throw it out. It’s not doing you any good, in fact it is hindering you from landing a great position.

Your career summary needs to have action words and action phrases, along with a keyword summary of some sort, to stand out and put yourself above the competition. It needs to have tangible statements of what you’ve done and what you can do for the company.

The quickest way to land an interview is having an effective resume, if you haven’t been getting calls, you should consider having it rewritten… and watch the calls come in!

Erin Kennedy