Adding Testimonials to Your Resume

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Writing an executive bio should include testimonials.

Your resume is the one surefire way to market who you are and what you can do. Top resume writing services understand this. The companies considering employing you know this too. As such, your resume will be scrutinized in every way possible during the hiring process. While there are many improvements you can make to your resume, one of the easier ways is to add testimonials.

Testimonials Lend Credibility

Talking about who you are is tough, but it’s also easy to spin your abilities in a positive light. Whether you’re just writing an executive bio or developing personal branding for senior level management, you need every advantage. Even if references aren’t required until down the road in the hiring process, you need an edge. If the selection is between you and another candidate, you will need extra support tipping the scales in your favor. Including testimonials would be that tiebreaker.

Testimonial How To

You know resume writing is an art form. Adding testimonials to your resume is too. It’s likely you have quantifiable results and qualified expertise for the job you’re applying to. You can clearly articulate your abilities and how well you do your job. The problem is hearing these great things from you is nice but much more powerful when said by someone else.
So here’s how to enter testimonials into a resume for your benefit:
  • Combined with work experience. One powerful way to add testimonials to your resume is by combining them with relevant work experiences. For example, let’s say you list being the top sales person in your company with a sales staff of 300 people in your resume. Below that, you could add a testimonial from your manager saying, ” …the best sales person I’ve worked with in the last 10 years,” to ensure your bio stands above the rest.
  • Whole testimonial section. If you have two to four testimonials you’d like to include in your resume, add a whole section for them. Place this section in your resume just like you would an “Education” or “Work Experiences” portion. It’s important to note each quote you include should be from solid contacts that can verify your abilities.
  • Testimonials make great filler. One of the best ways to add a testimonial to your resume is through inclusion in another section or as a filler. For example, if you’re an in-demand copywriter, you could add a testimonial as filler under your “Skills” section. If you claim to write copy that converts up to 10 percent of organic web traffic, a past clients testament to your abilities with a website link will add significant value to your resume.
While adding a testimonial to your resume is a good way to improve the document, some people need a little more help. A professional resume writing service can critique your resume and help you make the best of your testimonials.