Avoiding The Most Common Resume Problems

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Avoiding The Most Common Resume Problems
A resume is your first opportunity to sell yourself to future employers. Use this opportunity to make a good impression. Unfortunately, many people make common and simple to fix mistakes that keep them from making that good impression. Here are some common errors to look for before you send your resume to an employer.

  • Avoid spelling errors, typos, and poor grammar. This is simple, yet it will make you look unprofessional and incompetent.
  • A common error in resume writing is changing from first to third person midway through your resume. Stay consistent throughout your resume writing.
  • Another common resume problem that you should avoid is creating a resume that reads like a job description. Keep the focus on your skills, accomplishments and how your accomplishments were achieved.
  • Avoid creating a resume that is too long. Put yourself in the position of the person reading your resume. Most future employers will be reading a multitude of resumes at one time. One way to avoid a too long resume is to avoid providing personal information that isn’t relevant to the job. If your resume is too long, they are sure to not go through the entire resume.
  • A common mistake in resumes that is often overlooked is making sure you  provide accurate information. Employers will not be impressed if you didn’t take the initiative to provide them with accurate information. Gather up accurate dates, names, phone numbers.
  • Avoid the common mistake of giving partial information because you don’t remember, recall, or haven’t updated your resume.
  • Lastly, an important and common error you should avoid in writing a resume is keeping it simple. Provide simple yet powerful information. Enough information, but not too much. And, as always, simple and accurate.