Brand New Blog Site!

Erin's Musings

It’s a very exciting day (evening) for me!
I’ve been wanting to switch to WordPress for a while but didn’t know how and didn’t have a clue as to how to begin.
I found a couple of sites that offered tips. One in particular was pretty lengthy, and they would do it for me for $500 (and add buttons, gadgets, SEO, etc.).  That seemed a little steep for something I figured I could do myself but was a) too darn busy with work and b) lazy.
So, after a couple of tries and one deleted blog (note: make sure you like the user name you choose because it is the one everyone will see when you post, AND make sure you like your blog name–otherwise you have to DELETE IT to get another one–unless there was a way to do it and I just didn’t know about it which is a very good possibility) here we are.
And isn’t it so much prettier than my other blog? Plus, the features WordPress offers are great.
So, now it is 1:42 a.m. and I can finally rest my weary head on my pillow because this is DONE!
Good night readers.