Essential Skills To Show On Your Resume

Resume Writing

essential skills to show on your resume
Writing a resume is an important part of your job search. Not every job is a desk job, but every job involves some of the same skills and when you can show on your resume that you have honed these skills, potential employers will look again at your information even if you lack “experience” in the particular job you are applying for.
Communication skills
The ability to comprehend instructions, both verbal and written, is basic to every single job description. Equally important is the ability to express yourself in ways that get your thoughts across clearly. If you can’t communicate effectively, it doesn’t matter what the rest of your skill set is because you won’t be able to explain or show it. The way your resume is written is the first indication of your communication skills. Paying someone else to write your resume still shows that you value professional-level communication and know how to access it.
Technical skills
There are fewer openings for someone who lacks the ability to use a computer or the interest to learn. Even a job that is primarily customer service or manufacturing will often involve some work with software or device. Being able to submit your resume electronically if it is asked for shows a basic level of technical competence.
Competency skills
The dictionary defines competency as “having requisite or adequate ability or qualities”. A competent person is able to start a task and carry it through to completion. A resume that is poorly written, has typographical or spelling errors, and out-dated information reveals a lack of competency. A resume that is accurate, current, well-written, and polished demonstrates your adequacy for any job.