Guest Post: The Psychology Behind Salary Negotiation

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We all know people who can talk themselves into, or out of any situation. They have a natural penchant for negotiating, and without necessarily being aware of it – they understand the psychology of negotiation. So what are these skills that some of us have? How they can be learned? And, how can we use psychology to help with negotiating a better salary? Well, read on and I will explain…
There is a trigger that will set off a lot of people’s desire to reciprocate a good deed. We have all probably experienced this from time-to-time, and maybe you are aware of the saying, ‘one good deed deserves another.’  Well, think about it. If you have not done anything noteworthy for your manager in recent memory, why do you expect anything back? Of course it should not always work like that, but it will go a long way in your favor if you have.
Being consistent fills people around you with confidence. They know they can rely on you, or turn to you if they need something. There is a psychological advantage on your side if you have been consistent in the past. While negotiating a salary increase, if you can display a consistent nature it will help your case when making claims about your future performance.
When someone in a position of authority asks for something to be done, people listen. When negotiating your salary you are dealing with a manager, or other authoritative figure. But you can also set yourself as an authority.
Knowing your job role in more depth than anyone else sets you up as a person of authority for your position. Negotiating a better salary for the position will be a lot easier if you can substantiate this.
Understanding the psychology behind negotiating salaries, and how you are coming across while negotiating will have a big impact on the outcome. Think about the points raised above, and other ways you can give yourself a psychological advantage before arranging that meeting.
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