How to Network Your Way to Your Dream Job

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Writing an effective resume also require networking.

Networking is just as important as writing an effective resume.

The types of jobs you can get in 2016 are vastly different than what were available decades ago, all thanks to technological advancement. Furthermore, just as the careers available to prospective workers have transformed, so has the way we seek out jobs. Simply sending in applications to openings found on job listing resources no longer seals the deal. Networking is now the ticket to landing most jobs, which means you have to have connections to get desired positions. A large majority of lucrative jobs can no longer be found by scoping the classified section or browsing Craigslist. You have to know someone who already has experience in the industry and ask them to put in a good word for you. If you don’t have the right connections, this problem is easily solvable.

Try Going to Gatherings Related to Your Desired Field

One of the most important steps to attaining C-level personal branding is to get to know people already working in the field you’re aiming to enter. The type of event doesn’t matter so long as you’re out there and meeting people. It never hurts to do a little research before you go to an event, just for the sake of having an idea of who the guests will be and a sense of the best people to introduce yourself to. Bringing your resume can be a good idea, especially for career fairs.

Don’t Count Out the Connections You Already Have

The people you already know can be just as valuable a resource as any while you’re on your job search. This counts for literally everyone you’re familiar with. Write them all out and consider which ones will be the most helpful in terms of assisting with your search. Even if the manner in which they can help you is more indirect, such as them not actually working in that specific field, but knowing someone else who does, can aid in your search. Don’t hesitate to contact them, tell them your situation and ask them to put in good word for you, whether it is with their boss or an employee they happen to be well-acquainted with.
While the process of networking may be a daunting one, it can be infinitely valuable to you if you’re searching for a career. In fact, it’s just as important as writing an effective resume, and should be learned and mastered just as well. Both of these tools can be the key to creating C-level personal branding and landing the job you’ve always wanted, which makes the effort to learn how to perfect them worth it. For help with either of these job hunting tools, you have quite a few resources at your disposal. As the best resume writing service, Professional Resume Services can help you with either.