More Testimonials

“I just thought I would let you know that the resume paid off and I’ve been on quite a few interviews. In fact, I accepted a position and will start in 2 weeks. I want to thank you for everything b/c no doubt your resume did the trick!”

B. Sargent, Network Administrator

“Everything looks great! I love the layout of the resume.”

K. Hankerd, Public Relations Executive

The first and only place I sent my resume to gave me an interview today. Looks like I have the job. Thanks.

L. Saathoff, Administrative Assistant

“This is great, it has been a pleasure working with you!”

D. Stone, Operations Executive

“Thanks so much! U R the best! I will let you know how it goes. I love u! Thanks so much!”

D. L. Nazar, Flight Attendant

“The resume, cover letter, and thank you letter that you created for me were wonderful. I had a lot of calls once I had you do my resume. I had over 20 calls and 8 offers within 4 months. I just accepted a position on Hilton Head Island in South Carolina with an Interior Design firm. I am very excited about it and wouldn’t have gotten it if it weren’t for you and that resume. Thank you, thank you. I have given your name out to my friends, so expect more calls! Thanks again!”

K. Murphy, Interior Designer

“I start work next week for a growing surgery center just 5 minutes from my home. The pay is as high as I wanted, and with benefits better than I had expected. Thanks!”

R. Rich, Nurse Manager

“Just wanted to say Thank You!!! Again, what a great job, very satisfied!”

G. Ramirez, Loan Officer

“Awesome! Is this me? I want to hire this person to work for me! Outstanding job! I want to thank you for helping me create a VERY professional resume and cover letter that I would be proud to submit to anyone. You were also very quick to get both documents prepared and delivered to me. Thanks again!”

L. Fraye, General Manager, Retail

“The resume has worked out great! I have a great job with my dream company– have had it for 8 months. I just got another raise! Thanks for helping me get here!”

J. Stubbins, Sales Rep

“Thanks for the expedited service. Resume looks great and have already sent it out to 4 job postings.”

K. Gibson, IT Manager

“We compared the resume you did for us and the very first resume we ever did, and had a good laugh. You did a great job. Thanks.”

B. & A. Barber, High School Principal

“I want to thank you so much for the work you completed for me. Your experience and expertise were well applied here. You are truly a professional. Thank you for your prompt attention and your patience putting up with my continuous input.”

B. Ponke, Engineer

“Just wanted to let you know that I start a new job in Washington D.C. It’s with a $40 billion dollar company. He said he really liked my resume. So I just wanted to say thanks. I start August 15th.”

R. Patyi, Sales Rep

“This is wonderful. It was exactly what I wanted. In reading the resume and cover letter you were able to convey that although I’m not technically a Project Manager, I do have the knowledge and background to become one.”

R. Plantrich, IT

“This resume looks fabulous! I can’t THANK YOU enough! May God bless you!”

A. Varner, Human Resources Manager

“I wanted to thank you again for doing such a great job on my resume! I went in for my very first interview last week and they invited me back for a second one. The second interview went so well, they offered me a job on the spot! They also told me what an impressive resume I have. The position is in purchasing for a small company that provides specialized administrative services for Interior Design companies. It is a great job with wonderful co-workers. I couldn’t be happier!! Thank you again for everything. You are the best! Many thanks!”

B. Nowicki, Purchaser

“I just went over everything and it looks terrific. I couldn’t be happier. I wanted to thank you for your efforts. I know this new resume will do the trick. Thank you very much. It’s been a pleasure.”

C. Arbelo, Program Manager

“Erin, the resume is fantastic. You have a way with words. I really do appreciate what you did for me. I have told everyone about you and if it is okay with you can I refer some of my friends to you.”

M. Scarpignato, Sales Rep

“WOW Erin! I just printed them out to look over and they look great! I especially think the CV is amazing!!! Thank you so much! I want you to know what an absolute pleasure it has been to work with you on this! You rock!!! I appeciate the style and the balance you have found between exciting and professional. Thank you very much!”

L. Vartan, Grammy-Award winning Percussionist

“It has been a pleasure working with you on my Executive Resume – the resume looks fantastic. You have been extremely responsive to my questions and have offered sound advice where needed. I definitely recommend utilizing this service to colleagues but will, more importantly, recommend using you, Erin Kennedy.”

R. Madesh, Director of Outsourcing Negotiations, Global Telecom

“This experience was way better than I was expecting and my resume is far better than I imagined it would be. I just want you to know that I appreciate you helping me feel like I have some self worth and that I really am someone important that can be contributing way more than I am now.

I bet you didn’t think you’d have this kind of impact on a person………or maybe you do know what an impact you make on peoples lives and that’s why you do what you do! Right there is something that you can’t place a value on and that’s feeling special.”

K. Alires, Senior Sales Executive

“You did it again. I accepted a new job which jumps me two levels. It did not hurt that I will get to work for someone I reported to before. Thanks.”

T. Gilson, Operations Executive

“You have a gift. My resume looks lovely, sounds terrific and I could not be happier. I have already recommended your services to 3 other persons in search of help.”

D. Edds, HR Generalist

“I was so pleased with the guidance and expertise you shared with me to help me improve my resume and advance my career – thank you!

I have many positive things to say about your guidance and expertise. I feel I have had access to a personal consultant with the ease of communicating through email. Your always prompt responses and sound advice have really been of value to me.”

L. Darling, Sourcing Executive

“Thought you’d be interested to know that I posted my resume on a few sites on Friday. Within 2 hours of posting it on Dice, I received a call from a company that I had not even sent my resume to. So, I’m sure I owe at least half of the credit to you. Thanks again for your help.”

D. Mersino, Software Developer

“Hi Erin, I have just received my completed documents from my writer and I wanted to let you know how VERY pleased I am with the work that he produced. The resume, cover letter and thank you letter far exceeded my expectations. I am very confident that these tools will help me take my career to the next level. I will definitely be recommending your service to my peers.”

A. Skaarsgard, Project Manager

“Thank you so much for writing my resume package. It looks wonderful! It’s the first time that I’m actually proud of my resume and can’t wait for people to read it! My writer was wonderful to work with and put my entire working career into a flawless and flowing narrative. I am ready to get back to work! I have already told many people about your company in the hopes that they contact you at some point. Thank you again and may 2011 bring health, wealth and happiness to you and yours!”

J. Lettinger, VP Corporate Finance

“Hi Erin, I wanted to take this opportunity to THANK YOU for preparing my professional resume package. I’m very pleased with the end results. Karen is a masterful resume writer and was an absolute pleasure to work with! It was a great experience all around. And a special thanks for the complimentary Reference Page–I love gifts, especially unexpected ones! I’ll be sure to have my Reference Page with me when I interview. Thanks again, Erin, for your and your team’s excellent work on my project. I wish you continued success in your business.”

C. Perisho, Senior Account Executive

“Oh, I’m digging this resume. I’d like to hire myself! MUCH better – eye catching as well. Alrighty, I think we are good. and by golly I hope your right about them wanting me! I’m a good boss – really, I am. So, I’ve been bragging about you already.”

L. Sesser, Marketing Director

“Hi Erin. I reviewed the new resume and cover letter. Everything looks great. You are right. The resume looks more complete with supporting evidence at the same time as being more compact and direct to the point. I want to thank you so much for the work you completed for me. Your experience and expertise were well applied here. You are truly a professional. Thank your for your prompt attention and your patience putting up with my continuous input.”

B. Conners, Mechanical Engineer

“Erin, the experience was very good and Cheryl (and team) was the right choice for my resume and I appreciated the hustle so that I had something for my interview. I have had three trusted CEO’s review this resume and all have complimented the work. Thanks for the reference package it will come in handy. I am headed out of town this week but when I return I will be asking your team to prepare another version that targets Global Executive VP of HR roles.”

T. Skova, VP, Human Resources

“Erin- Just wanted to thank you for the new resume. As you know In the 10 days since the resume was completed the phone has been ringing off the hook. As you know I am in Afghanistan, some days I have been doing 2 phone interview per day, some 8,000 miles away. I am proud to report that I have accepted a Senior Management position with an international engineering firm on a high profile project here in Afghanistan, making even more money then before. Your associate writer Alex, narrowed in on my skill set, and developed a attention grabbing resume that was delivered “Right on Target”. Thank you again!”

S. Griffin, IT Manager

“Dear Erin–Thank you, for your email. I am quite happy with the final outcome — Cheryl did a great job in formulating the career brand and leadership statements. They capture my background and skill set extremely well. In addition, she was amazing in concisely capturing my responsibilities and achievements in various roles. Thank you, to both of you.”

O. Mandemut, Research Scientist / Project Management

“Although Chris and I are just finalizing the final stages of completion of my resume, I am eager to share with you that he has provided exemplary service. Chris has been so prompt and eager to follow up on every query — he has been able to offer what I expected from FINS when I signed up for a review of my professional profile. I thank you for allocating a capable person and I thank Chris for being hyper-efficient!”

A. Tahir, Finance Executive

“Thank you very much. I just want to share the joy with you. I got a phone interview yesterday and they scheduled an onsite interview with me next Monday. Even though I did not get the job yet, I still want to thank you and Amanda for the resume. Amanda is wonderful and I am very happy with my resume. I shared my experience with all my friends during the thanksgiving holiday since the company called me to schedule the interview before thanksgiving. Two of my friends asked me about who polished my resume. I gave your name and website to them and they may call you soon.”

Y. Huong, Research Associate

“It was a pleasure working with Michelle, and the team did a terrific job!”

L. Perimann, Director of IT

“Karen was a pleasure to work with. I’ll let you know how it goes with my resume. I actually turned down 2 offers this week. I have 5 more interviews coming up, one with the company I really want to go to work for and the hiring manager is former co-worker of mine so I should be in good shape. Thanks again, your firm was great to work with!”

R. Rein, Senior Sales Executive

“Erin – Thank you for this and for the excellent work on the resume package! All worked very well and I am please with the final product. Tom did a great job overall and was a pleasure to work with.”

P. Stuart, Global Supply Chain Executive

“Thank you for your extraordinary talent and effort !!! Received all doc’s. What a difference !!! Alex has captured what I believe myself to be as business professional on paper. A finely crafted resume package that conveys a compelling history of experience, skill, abilities and background in an age neutral format. Truly a work of art with words.”

J. Taubman, Securities Technology Project Manager

“Amanda was wonderful. My experience thus far has been top notch!”

S. Harris, Medical Sales

“I really enjoyed working with Karen. She did a great job of extracting succinct impacting descriptions from my top 10 and CARs. I’m really looking forward to working with your group for my LinkedIn Profile.”

J. Reeves, Hospital Director

“I have received the documents Alex sent me, thank you! I’ll need a few days to review and absorb them but I have to say that he is a truly an amazing writer. Wow, I didn’t know I was that accomplished; he makes the mundane sound ground breaking. This just reaffirms my decision to hire a professional this time around.”

M. Piccio, IT Manager

“I just accepted a position as a Utilities Engineer at the Water and Sewer District in Sunnyville, FL. It’s a little different than what I’m used to, but I’m grateful for the job, and it’s not too particularly demanding, which works well with the demands of grad school. I would recommend your service to anyone. After more than 8 months of applying for jobs with a resume that I created, and having no luck, I hired you to re-write my resume. Within 6 weeks of distributing the new resume using your service, I was invited to 3 interviews, which eventually led to my current position. Thank you for all the advice and assistance.”

J. Furness, P.E.

“Thank you so much for the Reference Page. It looks as wonderful as my entire resume package. It’s the first time that I’m actually proud of my resume and can’t wait for people to read it! Karen was wonderful to work with and put my entire working career into a flawless and flowing narrative. I am ready to get back to work! I have already told many people about your company in the hopes that they contact you at some point.”

N. Dedd, Client Services Specialist

“Thank you for a great service. I’m very pleased with the results. What a difference professional resume writing makes!”

P. Lepello, Director Workforce Research

“I am extremely pleased with my resume package. Amanda made the whole process efficient and easy. I feel that the documents will give me a positive edge going forward. I will not hesitate to recommend your company to anyone needing a professional resume done.”

J. Pierre, Medical Safety Specialist

“I have just received my completed documents from my writer, Alex, and I wanted to let you know how VERY pleased I am with the work that he produced. The resume, cover letter and thank you letter far exceeded my expectations. I am very confident that these tools will help me take my career to the next level. I will definitely be recommending your service to my peers.”

P. St. Valen, Project Manager

“Thanks a lot for your personal and professional approach and my kudos to Sukyi for her patience as I know I’m a hard customer.”

E. Velesevich, Business Development & Partner Manager

“Thank you very much for the complimentary reference page. It is greatly appreciated! I am very pleased with the resume. I am currently applying for a VP of Operations position and I think they liked my new resume as well since I will be interviewing shortly. Thanks again and take care!”

T. Hernandez, Director of Operations

“Greg, It’s two sheets of pure gold leaf. Thank you. I think it’s ready for prime time.”

D. Beauf, Asset Manager

“Christina, first of all, your work is amazing! This resume reflects everything accurately and clearly. Honestly, it’s flawless.”

R. Doldier

“Got to say you pretty much nailed it. Definitely see what I paid for. This is exactly where I want to go.”

R. Baronson, VP Digital Media

“I receive so many compliments on my resume. My former boss said it’s the best she’s seen a long while.”

D. Krate, Operations Executive

“THANK YOU SO SO MUCH for my new resume. I’m so surprised by it AND I really like it. Thank you! At a first glance I think the resume looks really really good. My husband and mom really loved it too! I am truly happy I was assigned to you Marie. Thank you so much for your work and concern for my expectations. I really like this resume! Thank you very very much for your efforts Marie, I’m so grateful.”

J. Hilton, Creative Director

“Karen & Kristi -
I wanted to send you a quick note to thank you for your help with my resume and LinkedIn a few months ago. I was hired very quickly after I started my search using only my network on Linked In. My first networking call ended up with a direct personal introduction to the President of the company where I am now working. In fact, I was very fortunate and had three offers in the works at the same time. I also wanted to let you know that I had several people comment about my outstanding resume during my interviews. Thank you!”

B. Jones, Sales Executive

“Dear Erin Kennedy and company,

Patricia was always very courteous and professional during our interactions while she was formatting my new resume. I applaud her for being patient with me during a time of unplanned and extenuating circumstances in my life. I had anticipated devoting the time to work on and review the resume that Patricia was building for me. I did not anticipate having two out-of-town interviews and a PC- hard drive crash in the midst of this process.

Patricia produced excellent resume and accompanying documents for me. A big thanks goes out to Patricia for her courtesy and professional services! I would be more than happy to provide references and document my experiences with your organization.”

M. Forest, Clinical Information Systems Director

“Rene- For many years, I did not see the value of resume writing services because I saw colleagues who had resumes “professionally” written for them that I considered to be no better than my own self-written resume. However, I always believed that my resume was more than adequate but far from great. I suppose this was the reason that I decided to extensively research resume writers and take a leap of faith by contracting with Erin Kennedy’s Professional Resume Services. The company partnered me with you and I am sure glad that they did! You have fully opened my eyes to the benefits of engaging the right resume writer. My resume is better than I ever could have imagined and it provides an outstanding first impression that accurately portrays my talents. In my opinion, you are simply the the best and far exceeded my expectations. I will be telling everybody who can benefit from your services, about you personally and recommending Professional Resume Services to them with my highest recommendation. For the first time ever, I feel that I am attacking the job search market from a position of strength and this alone is already worth the investment. You have made me realize that my old resume was never adequate as it did a poor job of effectively representing me. In my opinion, the cost for the resume writing service was worth every penny and more. I was highly impressed with how you directed me through the resume writing process and made the overall process quite enjoyable. Thanks again.”

D. Lane, Senior Finance Executive

“Greg, I just want to let you know that your work on my resume has paid off! Within a couple of weeks of getting my new resume, I began to be contacted by executive recruiters. And this week I finally accepted an offer for an executive role at a very promising company!

Thank you for your excellent work on my resume, cover letter, and thank you letter! While the service appeared to be a tad expensive it has been extremely satisfying to immediately see the results. It has paid for itself many times over. I will happily recommend Exclusive Executive Resumes to my network. Thank you and happy Thanksgiving!”

M. Krishna

“Kristi, You did an AWESOME job with my profile at LinkedIn. I just went in to view it and was so surprised at how wonderfully professional it looks. Thank you so very much you can’t imagine how much I appreciate this. You have made my day and my week. Patricia, thank you for the resume services, it has been worth every penny thus far. Now I am ready for the next step!”

C. Smith, IT Project Manager

“Erin- By the way, wanted to give you an update. It’s been about ~ 3 mths since we first made contact and couldn’t be happier with my investment. I am still happily employed using this time to explore other opportunities but using your resources have made me much more confident in my job search and have received very positive responses. Thanks again–and we will stay in touch going forward.”

J. Rivers, Global Supply Chain Executive

“Good morning, Marie. I wanted to let you know that I was offered the Chief Global Marketing Officer role with Big Company International and I’ve accepted it. I start next Monday in Dallas at our Board meeting. Might as well jump right into it! Anyway, I appreciate your help with my resume and LinkedIn profile. I think they played an important role in my search process.”

B. White, Chief Global Marketing Officer

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