Own The Voice On Your Resume

Resume Writing

own the voice on your resume
In order to make your resume stand out, you want to add some of your own voice to it. It makes it more interesting to potential employers.
That’s not as difficult as it sounds. You essentially want to provide potential interviewers with a glimpse into your being through your work history, education, awards and accomplishments, and the manner in which you speak about these. That means you want your personality to shine through right from the first word.
But of course, you also want balance. In other words, don’t go off the deep end trying to be creative. That could be a turn off.
Start with your objective. What do you want to accomplish with your resume? Don’t simply write “To secure a job in ____________” where you fill in the blank with your industry. Instead, make the objective focused on the goals of the company you are interviewing with and put your personality into it. Something like this:

    To become a member of a forward-looking team that respects individuality, creativity, and critical thinking.

This kind of objective tells your interviewer what you have to offer without being “I” focused and tells them what you are searching for in an employer (forward-looking). Plus, it adds a touch of your own personality.
When you use words that you would use in your normal speech, that’s your voice. It makes your resume more personal and increases your chance of making a positive impression – and getting the interview.