Resume Review


Unsure if your resume is hitting the mark? Wondering how much time you’ve lost just gazing at it?

Received a myriad of advice from different sources yet find yourself at a crossroads? Now might be the perfect moment to seek expert analysis.

A resume is much more than a one-pager filled with words; it is your best tool in the game of employment hunting.

Let our accredited resume writers take a look. We’ll examine:

– style, format, & presentation
– grammar & syntax
– clarity of objectives related to your role
– relevance to targeted roles
– strategic alignment and positioning
– ATS optimized and scannable

You’ll receive straightforward feedback on its strengths and areas for improvement. Your critique will be reviewed by one of our professional resume experts who has 15+ years of resume review experience.

We’re here to support you.

Our resume review service includes:

  • Thorough feedback on each area of your resume.
  • Personalized, comprehensive report detailing findings, suggestions, and recommendations.
  • 30-minute 1:1 consultation with our resume expert to go over findings and feedback.
  • One additional emailed review of changes you made to your resume.



Once you’ve purchased the review, you’ll receive an email with instructions on the next steps.

Ready to get started? Get your resume professionally reviewed now.  $227