Resumes and Portfolios

Resume Writing

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Certain art and design careers such as graphic design, automotive design or illustration may require a portfolio. The portfolio, whether online or a physical book, gives interested viewers an idea of the artist’s or designer’s skills. This does not mean, however, that a resume is not needed. The resume gives a potential employer an idea of how this person’s professional career has played out so far. It may list apprenticeships, internships and jobs that the artist or designer performed to enhance his or her natural skills. The resume illustrates experience while the portfolio illustrates talent and how it has developed.
Artists and designers have found clever ways to integrate their resumes within their portfolios, or to add them as extra print to mini portfolios or smalls, the small postcards given away to potential employers by artists and designers. Although it may seem expensive to produce postcards with a designer’s work on one side and his resume on the other, it is still cheaper to do so than to produce mini portfolios of his work. The smalls are given away at design shows and exhibitions that are open to the public, including potential employers.
Resumes that list a designer’s positions and past experience are often mounted inside a regular-sized portfolio or minimized to fit into a mini portfolio. Some designers such as graphic designers have included their resumes inside a piece of their portfolio work. The resume is turned into a work of art as well as an informative document, all in one piece.