What Your Resume Says About You

Resume Writing

Everyone knows that in order to apply for a job vacancy they have to submit a resume as well as a cover letter. We often spend hours going over our resume and ensuring that it is perfect, however, we don’t really give consideration to what it really says about us.
What you need to remember is that the people reading resumes often have a number of them to read – after all job vacancies are rare so more people than ever are applying for them. You need to make sure that your resume stands out from the crowd and tells them exactly why they should hire you.
This means looking a little deeper into the details of your resume and paying attention to what it really says about you. For example, is your email address hotchick @me.com or vodkadrinker @email.com. This doesn’t give off the right impression and even if it is ‘just’ an email address it isn’t saying the right things about you and your application! Setting up a free email address is easy so why not just take a few minutes to set up firstname.lastname @email.com as this will look far more professional on your resume/job application.
Your potential new employer also needs to know that you are serious about the job and easy to contact. Include as many different contact details on your resume/cover letter as possible. This way they know that you are easy to get hold of and this shows you are serious about getting the job!
These might seem like small details, but your resume needs to let them know you are serious about getting the job and that you are going to be a welcomed, professional addition to their workforce!