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from Wikipedia.com


that Elsa Eschelsson, the first woman both to finish a doctorate in Law and to teach in a university in Sweden, was denied the right to serve even as acting professor because of her sex?

…that the test for enrollment at Germany’s Helmut Schmidt University involves not an intelligence test, but military training and troop procedures?

…that Charles Macartney, who set a record for the most runs scored in one day, first learned to bat with apples from the family orchard?

…that thermal vent ecosystems have been discovered in the Aegean Sea, in the caldera of Kolumbo underwater volcano?

…that motorsport announcer Ken Squier coined the phrase “The Great American Race” for the Daytona 500?

…that St. Patrick’s Church was the first Catholic parish established in New Orleans outside the French Quarter, so that Irish immigrants would have a parish that was not dominated by French-speaking Creoles?

…that the Roman general Barbatio was beheaded for treason after his wife’s indiscreet letter was intercepted by Emperor Constantius II?

…that Tropical Storm Helene of 2000 struck Florida just five days after Hurricane Gordon?

…that Daylight Saving Time was first legislated in North America in June 1917 by the former country of Newfoundland?

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