When Your Work History Isn't Long Enough


work history
A common problem that many people come across, particularly for those recently graduated and entering the work force, is that their work history is not long enough for them to make a full, complete, and impressive resume. But it is nothing to stress over. You can still have an impressive resume without a long or extensive work history.
The biggest key to having an impressive resume without a long work history is to not create fake jobs or fake references. This is the biggest mistake anyone can make. It will only cause you problems in your search and may cost you multiple job opportunities.
You  may want to take a functional resume route. In other words, focus on the skills that you have that will apply to the job you are applying for. You should still include the work history that you have, but the focus of your resume should be on your impressive skills and abilities. The skills would be formatted to look like this in your resume:
Auto Mechanic:

  • Responsible for tune ups, tire changes, and other basic level mechanical work
  • Worked as an oil change technician for 5 years
  • Shade tree mechanic for two years

Used Car Sales

  • Sold pre-owned vehicles on commission for 6 months
  • Examined vehicles for mechanical problems prior to purchase
  • Fixed major and minor issues on vehicles before resell

Not only is this a simple format, but it can fill up your resume, make it impressive and professional, and keep you out of future trouble with potential employers.