Using Fung Shui to Create more Wealth in your Life

Career & Workplace

Using simple Feng Shui tips to create more Wealth and Career success in your life

Feng Shui (pronounced Fung Shway) is the Chinese Art of Placement that has been practiced for over three thousand years in China with the belief that positioning one’s things released vital energy, or Ch’i, that would create a harmonious flow in human life.

I’ve had an interest in Feng Shui for about 15 years. I try to use some of the tips when I remember to (which isn’t all the time, I admit). I know that some things really have worked. A few little changes here, a major one there, and I could truly tell a difference in the energy around that area. Here are a few things to remember:

The water element is a strong force in activating career luck. However, do not worry if you cannot act upon every tip. More is not always better. Balance if vital. Sometimes just energizing one method or activating one direction can be sufficient. When you find yourself becoming very busy, it is a good indicator that your Feng Shui is working.

The direction Southeast is considered the corner of the home or office that represents wealth. If this corner has good Feng Shui, then the wealth aspirations have been actively energized. If it the corner is bad, it may lead to loss and failure in business. It is vital to remove any negative energy from the southeast corner of your home or office. Only keep healthy thriving things there. If there is something old, stale, or give you bad memories/vibes, GET RID OF IT. To create good energy, you need to apply the theory of the 5 elements: fire, wood, water, metal and earth. Here are some simple tips you can try:

– Placing a plant in the southeast would be excellent wealth Feng Shui, symbolizing wood (avoid pants with thorns or spines, like cacti or bonsai, as they are thought to be inauspicious).

– Wealth and prosperity colors include blues, reds and purples.

– The number “9” is said to be enormously auspicious because it represents heaven and earth.

– Place a mock money bag containing a $10.00 bill in a rice urn. It is supposed to enhance family wealth.

– Keep an aquarium with goldfish, or a small artificial waterfall in the garden to activate the water element.

– Add any valuable possessions to your wealth area including collections, antiques, art, coins, crystal, etc.

– Chinese coins are believed to be an auspicious tool in attracting wealth and luck. Place three Chinese coins (or any type of coin will do) tied together with a red ribbon in your wallet or change purse and you will see your wealth luck changing. The coins can also be hung on the doorknob, facing the room.

Brighten southeastern walls and corners to attract wealth. To ensure productivity and activation of your wealth area, get rid of dark rooms. Dim lighting increases uneasiness.

It doesn’t have to be a gaudy display of everything at once. You can place these things on either floor of your home—1st floor, 2nd floor or basement will work, too. For example, on my first floor, I have a small shelf in the corner with three coins tied with a red ribbon and two thriving plants. On my 2nd floor which also happens to be my bedroom, I have a plant and a couple of red candles with holders, representing the color of prosperity. You can really have fun and be creative with it.

According to Chinese traditions, these are some simple and fun ways to increase your wealth and prosperity. However, I’ve only listed a few. To get more ideas and Feng Shui tips, I would suggest doing an online search and buying a few books. Feng Shui also works for every other area in your life to create balance, harmony, love, and prosperity in your environment.

Erin Kennedy, CPRW