7 Reasons Your Resume Was Rejected

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Your executive profile can play a major role in whether you get hired for a job. If you aren’t using the best resume writing services to help you in your job search, you may find your resume is constantly rejected. Instead of giving up on your job search, consider whether one of these reasons applies to your resume.

1. An Overwhelmed Hiring Manager

Even hiring managers can become overwhelmed with too much information and may overlook your resume, especially if they feel the content is irrelevant. This is why it’s important to determine the exact information that impacts your ability to do the job and stick to that information alone.

2. Missing That Certain Something

Cover letter writing services can help you determine if you’re missing something critical that could be preventing you from getting the job. While sometimes this missing factor may be beyond your control, there may be other factors you need to highlight or potentially leave off your resume and cover letter for the best results.

3. Relocation Issues

If you’re applying for a job that requires you to relocate, one of the biggest issues can be when you are able to make the move. In some situations, your timeline may not line up with the requirements of the job. Therefore, it’s important to make sure you are flexible with your moving plans to eliminate this issue.

4. You Don’t Have a Job

In many cases, employers are looking for people who are already currently employed. While unemployed individuals aren’t always in their situation due to their own fault, it seems like companies view it as a negative. However, this can be one of the most difficult elements to fix. It may work well to work for a temp agency for a while to flesh out your resume.

5. Staffing Agencies Can Also Hurt

While a staffing agency can be a great way to fill in your employment gap if you’re unemployed, going through one to get the job you want may not be your best option. Some hiring managers purposely ignore these resumes or put them at the bottom of the pile.

6. Incorrect Job Descriptions

You expect businesses to create accurate job listings, but like anyone else, individuals in charge can make mistakes. Because you use this description to create your executive profile, you may not be as good of a fit as you thought when errors exist.

7. Social Media Paints a Poor Picture

The best resume writing services may be able to make you look good on paper, but what do you look like online? More businesses today are using social media to determine if people are a good fit for their business. Before you apply, make sure you clean up your social media to eliminate anything that may be offensive or misconstrued in a negative light.