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Did You Know?

Hi, my name is Kris Plantrich and I am a Certified Professional Resume Writer and currently I contribute writing services to Professional Resume Service owned by fellow writer Erin Kennedy. As this is my first entry to the blog I thought I would stay in the spirit of the name Did You Know? and delve into this question a little further.

Did you know Tuesday is the most productive day of the week?

Did you know as many as 35% of employers are now using your credit report history as a means of judging personal responsibility, especially in occupations dealing directly with money?

Did you know 65 to 70% of jobs are gained through personal referrals or networking connections – so get networking!

Did you know only an average of 36% of those job hunters interviewed regularly send thank-you notes while 75% of employers like or expect the notes?

Did you know that over 90% of employers seek their assistant’s opinion when interviewing and making hiring decisions?

Did you know business cards are a great way to network – plain and simple or with a photo works best?

Did you know having a mentor can be also be a great way to network?

Did you know 60% of large companies do salary planning in the fall – a great time to ask for a raise!

Did you know that while the average job hunt takes 19 weeks, 40 – 50% of job seekers give up after just 2 months?

Take these facts to heart while preparing, searching, and interviewing for your next job.

Bye for now,