Are You Overqualified?

Job Search

The Job Search
How many times have you been told you were overqualified for a job search position? It actually happens a lot and can be just as bruising to an ego and not being considered at all. There is actually a reason why employers will use this tactic during the interview process.
They will actually see you as a possible problem. They will not want someone whom they think may start a job and quickly try to run a department, become the office tattletale or think everyone is beneath them. Even if they are impressed with your skills, they view that as a threat for a lower paid position.
A woman I knew had this happen to her several times. Her husband was in the oil fields and every time he got a promotion, they had to move. Hence to say, she developed a wide range of skills in different industries by taking whatever jobs were available in each location.
She had experience in convenience stores, nursing assistant, grocery stores, newspaper work, administrative assistant and even office manager positions. You can see how her progression looked really well on her resume. But sometimes she would hit a snag and not get a position she really wanted because this question would pop up. She always explained why she had such a wide range of skills. Sometimes it worked and sometimes it didn’t.
Perseverance, determination and not giving up are crucial in getting around this question. Sometimes you do have to take a step backward in order to make a living. Be sure to explain why you still want the job and that you would be a valuable asset to the company.
If necessary, update your resume to reflect more of your skills that are in line with the job position. And, remember, some income is better than no income, so don’t give up.