Avoid These Executive Resume Clichés!

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Avoid common cliches when writing a professional resume.

Writing a professional resume requires avoiding common cliches.

Writing a professional resume is often more difficult than you could imagine. This is why many people turn to a professional resume writing service. If you’ve been looking for a job and are having difficulty getting interviews, let alone the job you want, it may be time to look at your resume. Using these and other clichés could be the cause.

“I’m Very Enthusiastic”

It might seem like a good thing to be excited about a new job, and it is; however, this statement can actually make you sound desperate. You may really want the job, but saying so isn’t going to make it a reality. It’s up to you to show your prospective employer why you are the right choice, not why you are excited about the prospect of working there.

“I’m an Excellent Team Player and Can Work Independently”

These are buzz words the best resume writing services know are best left off of your resume. These are the phrases many candidates think employers want to hear. When they see it on a resume, though, they will be paying close attention to what the candidate does and says to back it up. They may want to see you are capable of working well with others, as well as on your own, but you shouldn’t have to spell it out. Your other words and actions should portray the message.

“I Have Extensive Experience In…”

Experience is important to land any job, but you need to be careful how you use this phrase. Using it to describe every work experience you’ve ever had, including part time employment or internships, weakens the phrase and causes it to lose meaning. While you’ll need some experience, you don’t need to overcompensate and exaggerate to land the job you’re looking for.

“I’m Passionate About…”

Passion can be an incredible thing in the working world, but it’s important to be honest about it. You may choose to use this phrase to describe an early interest in the field, when in reality, it was just an interest. For instance, you may claim you have been passionate about the environment since the age of 12 when applying for an environmental job. However, if you really consider it, you may have just started developing an interest in exploring the area further. It’s best to leave your passions out of your resume, at least until you have an interview.
Writing a professional resume takes attention to detail and careful consideration to ensure it has the right impact on a hiring manager. Avoiding these and other common resume clichés will ensure you are portraying your experience and value appropriately, all while capturing the attention of your prospective employer. Talking to a professional resume writing service about how to word similar phrases can help you make the best impression, giving you a better chance at obtaining the right job.