Check out Jobscan!

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I wanted to tell you about one of our partners that offers one of my new favorite tools. If you haven’t heard of Jobscan yet, you are missing out on one of the best job search and interview tools out there.
The premise behind Jobscan is that they provide an analysis of how well your resume will meet the needs of a particular job based on the keywords needed for the ATS (applicant tracking systems).  So in other words, they research the job description and then match your resume against it to see if you have the correct keywords needed for that job on your resume.
The resume match rate is a score from of 0 to 100%. Jobscan recommends a match rate of 80%. Your match is based on four items: 1- Hard skills,  2- Education level,  3- Soft skills,  4- One-word keywords.
When you scan your resume focus on matching hard skills as they have more of an impact on your match rate. Hiring managers and recruiters search for hard skills, i.e. “Sarbanes Oxley”, more often than soft skills like “detail-oriented” (you all know how I feel about that term anyway…just DON’T!). If you haven’t met the 80%, there are drop down menus that will assist you in keywords that might help you match up. You will get more measurable results if you can offer a longer job description (versus a few words).
To me, this concept is brilliant. Tailor your resume for each description based on the keywords. While your resume writer will be able to tailor it to several jobs, you can easily tweak your resume by adding keywords here and there to make it a perfect fit for the job you want.
If you haven’t had your resume written by a professional, you may want to consider it. We know what keywords need to be used in order for your resume to be parsed by an ATS. To be sure, give Jobscan a try and see how your keywords match up to job descriptions you are looking at. If you are below 80%, give us a call. We can help.