Why December is a Great Month For Hiring

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Why December is a Great Month For Hiring
If there was ever a time to get depressed about being unemployed, it’s in December. It’s tough to be out of work with the holidays looming and you find yourself short on cash. The good news is that this can be the best month to be hired for a new job. If you haven’t already, follow up NOW on any recent interviews or applications.
Many businesses, and not just those in retail, hire seasonal employees. While it may seem pointless to take a job that is only temporary, these often lead to a permanent position. You get a paycheck for a specified number of weeks and all that time you are proving to the company what an asset you are. Many people consider this a really long job interview with work samples thrown in for good measure.
There is also a little known fact that many departments have budgets that have to be spent or else they will be allocated less money next year. In the case of spend-it-or-lose-it, these hiring managers are under a lot of pressure to hire before the clock runs out on December 31st. These positions aren’t normally temporary and can be just the career boost you have been needing.
Finally, there was a presidential election recently, and many companies and hiring managers were waiting to see what would happen so that they could better predict their budgets and company needs for the next few years. For you this means that companies that were holding back hiring until after the election have started to go ahead and hire the staff they will need. This is a great time to get yourself hired so dust off your resume and cover letter and get started.