Employment and Student Loans

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Employment and Student Loans
One of the biggest problems for those entering college is that they tend to choose a career based only on their current interests or what is in demand at the moment. What students need to do is plan for life after college and to use that time to maximize their future hiring potential as well as financial potential.
Most people have many interests but only a few of those interests are marketable enough to be a viable career. You should not expect success if the majority of your plan is to be in the o.o1% who are professional athletes. It’s far better to diversify and have a fallback plan. A solid practical major that will be marketable for years to come makes sense for your immediate future as well as your financial future.
Many students will take out thousands of dollars in student loans on majors that will not translate into a viable career. As a result, they get strapped with student loans and rob themselves of a decent standard of living. There are several ways around this trap. The most common sense approach is to stay away from borrowing money for majors that will not earn you enough income to pay those loans back. The other way is to take out smaller loans by attending schools in your own state and taking advantage of tuition reduction for in-state students.
Whatever you decide, consider that your future employment can be hindered if you default on student loans. In some cases you can be denied a professional license for as long as you are in default. It’s important to pursue your dreams but to do so prudently.