Five Ways to Make the Most of Your Next Executive Job Fair

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Stand out at a job fair with the help of executive resume services.

Job fairs used to be designed for entry-level positions and students looking for their first job. However, executive job fairs have become more popular in recent years because they help executives get their name out to companies and recruiters. Whether you’re actively looking for a job or just want to learn more about different options, attending an executive job fair can be beneficial. Follow these five tips to make your experience a success.

Target Recruiters or Companies

Look at the schedule beforehand and find the specific companies and recruiters you want to talk to. Prepare your executive resume cover letter by tailoring it toward those companies. This will help make an immediate impact. When a recruiter knows you have a special interest in them, they will likely return the favor and give you more attention.

Do Your Research

Research the companies you’re interested in fully, but also do a little research on other companies as well. Know the names of people you want to talk to in each company and learn about the companies’ histories. If you’re able to demonstrate to a recruiter you know about their company, you can skip that step in the discussion and move into why you would be a great fit. This will stand out much more than general discussion!

Bring Resumes and Yes, Even Business Cards

You need to be a good writer to get the attention of recruiters. They will likely receive hundreds of resumes and business cards during executive job fairs so it’s important yours stands out. Yes, people still give out business cards. If you have some, bring them. If you need to hire executive resume services prior to the job fair, do it.

Prepare Like You Would For a Job Interview

The biggest mistake people make is treating executive job fairs like a social event rather than a job interview. If you go into a job interview with the perfect executive resume cover letter, why wouldn’t you do the same at a job fair?
This is where researching companies is critical so you can customize several cover letters for specific companies. Most people won’t take the time to make each cover letter distinct so it gives you a great chance to stand out among the group.

Be Social

Don’t just limit your conversations to recruiters. Talk to other job seekers as well to get a sense of the competition out there. You may be surprised how many ideas and tips you can receive from fellow job seekers. Socializing with people with similar interests as you will only help your development for your next executive job fair.