How Commenting on Blogs can Help Your Online Executive Brand

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Developing and implementing strategies to enhance your c-level personal branding is essential. One of the strategies you may have adopted is writing blog articles and posting them to your own website or LinkedIn profile. This is a great way to get your name out there and show what value and skills you have to offer. Another thing you can do to drive traffic to your own website, boost your credibility and expand your online presence is to comment on blogs other people write. Here’s how your c-level personal branding can be impacted for the better when you do so.

Enhance Your Credibility And Visibility

When you write comments on blogs, you’re enhancing your visibility by putting your name on more websites. The trickiest part is finding credible blogs to comment on. Find established and reputable websites and take a look at past comments from other people to see what the general tone of the blog or website is. When it comes to personal branding for senior level managers, you want t7demonstrate your knowledge and expertise without overstepping any boundaries. Doing so will make you seem like a credible person and improve your online brand as a result.

Write Substantive Comments

When we say write comments on blogs, we don’t mean simply telling the author you liked their work. Pick out a certain section of the article you liked and tell them why you agree with it and add an insightful touch of your own knowledge to it. And don’t be afraid to bring up another point you think the writer should have mentioned in the article. As long as you don’t present your comment in a way that demeans the writer’s intelligence, it can lead to engaging conversations

Always Include A Link To Your Online Profile

While you may enjoy commenting on blog articles in general, remember the main objective is to enhance your c-level personal branding. So when you make a comment, sign the end of it with your name that includes a hyperlink to your online profile. This could be your own website or even your LinkedIn profile. You never know who will be reading the comments, find your views insightful and want to learn more about you.

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