How to Stand Out to Hiring Managers

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Learn how to stand out when writing a professional resume.

Writing a professional resume will help you stand out.

Most people already recognize the need to stand out from the other candidates by wiring an effective resume that showcases their skills. However, many of those same people have no idea how to accomplish this goal when writing a professional resume. The following tips will help you find new ways to make sure hiring managers notice your executive resume cover letter over all the others.

Dress Up Your Cover Letter

Every great resume begins with a cover letter that addresses the hiring manager and lets them know why you are considering the position. Unfortunately, this can be an area that many people struggle with, making it difficult to set yourself apart from the other candidates. It shouldn’t simply be a summary of what is included in your resume; instead, it needs to be a personal message to the hiring manager to help them see you as the ideal fit for their business culture.
In general, your executive resume cover letter should answer the question of why. This is your time to tell prospective employers why you are considering a position within their company and why you are the ideal candidate for the job. It can be useful to find a connection between something you have to offer and what they are looking for. Many hiring managers make the decision to request an interview based largely on the contents of the cover letter.

Create an Outstanding Resume

Once you have a cover letter that makes a great first impression, you need to focus on writing an effective resume that sets you apart and shows employers why you are the smart choice. When writing a professional resume, make sure to only include the relevant skills and experience, as well as a concise, narrative work history. This information will give employers a clear view of what you bring to the company.
Instead of listing work experiences that are unrelated to the new position, consider adding a section for non-work activities. This can give them a better idea of your personality to help them determine if you are a good fit for their company cultures. Therefore, it’s important to show them who you are, rather than simply what you can do.
As you consider your options for your future career, it’s essential to find ways to make sure you stand apart from the hundreds of other resumes that cross a hiring manager’s desk. From your executive resume cover letter to writing a professional resume, it’s up to you to show a company why you are the best fit for the job, especially over the other candidates who have applied.