Target your audience when writing an effective resume.

Writing an effective resume means targeting your audience.

It might be easier to write one resume and then send it to every job you are applying for. However, this isn’t the best way to reach your target audience. When writing an effective resume, you need to focus on the company you are applying to and the particulars of the job. An executive resume service can help with the task of writing a professional resume.

Create a Core Resume

The starting point for your professional resume will be the same for every resume you send in to a job because your core skills and past work experience won’t change. When you start building this resume, you can start with the same facts and save it to your computer so you can easily make changes for the next job you may apply for. This core resume will make up the bare bones, which can then be tailored to your exact needs as you continue through your job search.

Research the Job Particulars

Once your core resume is complete, the next step in writing an effective resume is to do some research on the job you’re applying for. Not only do you need to determine which of your skills and past work experiences relate to the job, but you also need to look at the company and its culture. This information is invaluable in helping you build a resume that will impress the right people and show them why you are a good fit for their position and their company.

Customize the Core Resume

Once you have this information, you can work on making the necessary changes to your core resume. The more specific you are in adding details, the more they will realize you took the time to learn about the company and the position they are offering. An executive resume service has the experience necessary to help you pull it all together and create a resume that will capture the attention of the individual responsible for hiring, increasing the chances you will land the job.
Writing a professional resume is about more than just creating one resume and copying it repeatedly for every job you are thinking about applying for. Unfortunately, these general resumes won’t produce the impact you’re looking for. Instead, you should work with an executive resume service to create a custom-tailored resume so you can make the best first impression on any potential employer.