Important Changes You Need to Make to Your Resume

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Make changes with the best resume writing service.

The best resume writing service will help you make changes.

Many people create a resume and then don’t bother to make changes, even if they haven’t seen the success they wanted. When you’re creating your executive bio and resume, it’s critical to look for the following elements and make any necessary changes. Passing your resume through an executive resume writer from the best resume writing service can also help you make the right choices for the best impact.

The Font

Choosing a font is one of the biggest issues professionals have. While it’s important to make sure your resume stands out from the crowd, it’s even more important to use a font that’s easy to read and looks professional. Times New Roman and Georgia are preferred, while Arial, Calibri and Garamond are also acceptable.

Run Spell Check

It may seem obvious, but many people forget to run their executive bio and resume through spell check. Even if you are confident in your writing skills, spell check should always be used, not just once, but twice.

Don’t Worry about References

The best resume writing service will tell you references are important, but there’s no need to include them or even write they are available upon request. This fact is implied when you turn in your resume.

Use Keywords

Today, keywords are an important element in your resume, just like they are on website content. Because many resumes are submitted electronically, employers often run them through software to look for certain keywords. Choose your keywords from the job listing to which you are applying.

Eliminate Dates

Employers aren’t supposed to discriminate based on age, but it can happen, even if it’s unintentionally. This means the dates of your graduations are no longer relevant. If it’s been more than five years, it’s best to leave these dates off entirely.

Choose Powerful Verbs

Strong, actionable verbs are the best ones to use when it comes to your resume. Read through it a second time or ask an executive resume writer to help so you can remove any weak verbs and replace them with stronger ones.

Check Your Formatting

Formatting mistakes can be critical in whether you attract the attention of those in charge of hiring. All headers and footers should match, particularly if your resume spans more than one page. Everything else should be in perfect alignment, especially any bullet points used.

Focus on Numbers

Instead of simply stating facts, put it in numerical terms. If you helped boost sales by 20 percent, say so. When you use numbers, make sure they are in numerical form to better attract attention.
One of the fastest ways to lose out on a job is to make these critical mistakes on your executive bio and resume. Hiring the best resume writing service or an executive resume writer will help you get the job you want.