Is Summer the Best Time for Your Executive Job Hunt?

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Consider executive resume writing as part of your summer plans.

Summer is a great time for executive resume writing.

The dog days of summer are here again, but for many, it’s not quite time to relax. If you’re looking for a new job, you may be wondering if summer is a good time to begin your job search. Of course, the best time to look for a job is when you need it, but can searching in the summer increase your chances or make it easier for you to land a new position? This season certainly has some benefits!

Longer Days

Summer’s long days mean more daylight hours for your job search. Once you’ve finished writing an effective resume, you still have to get out there and submit your resume, travel to job interviews and follow up with job leads. Luckily, the summer months give you plenty of daytime hours to do so, and the longer days allow you to be more productive, giving you more time to hone those resumes that get you hired before you start your summer job search.

Social Hour

Of all the seasons, summer is by far the most social. With pool parties, backyard BBQs and summer happy hours, you have plenty of opportunities to socialize. This is incredibly helpful because as you probably know, c-level job searches aren’t just about executive resume writing. They are about who you know, and the more socializing and networking you can do, the more doors you can open.

Summer Vacations

While you may be hard at work this summer looking for new career opportunities and writing resumes that get you hired, most of your office will probably be on vacation. How does that benefit you? Well, since it’s typical vacation season, it’s easier for you to use your vacation time to go on interviews, take time off to do some executive resume writing or go shopping for the perfect interview outfit. This is a great time to interview because you don’t have to explain your frequent need for time off because it’s a normal part of summertime.
If you’re looking to find an exciting new job opportunity, you may not be able to decide when your job hunt begins; however, if you’re fortunate enough to start your job search during the summer, you have several seasonal advantages working in your favor. The longer days, social events and opportunities to take off for your job search can help you land your new job more easily than those looking for work during the fall or winter.