Job Hunting is a Full-time Job

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Job Hunting is a Full-time Job
It’s amazing to me how many people think that as long as they have created a great resume and cover letter all they have to do to find a job is send those to prospective employers or answer ads in papers and online. The reality is that hunting for a job is a full-time occupation in and of itself. The sooner you start treating it like one the sooner you will have a new job.
This means that you get up early every day and begin work. You need to scan newspapers, online ads and wherever you have been looking for jobs. Apply immediately for anything new. Then start networking. Find common connections for the employers you are targeting through social media sites such as LinkedIn. You also want to go to any in-person meetings, open houses, job fairs etc. that are taking place that day.
To be hired, you need to be known. Attend seminars, talks and presentations in your field. Afterwards, introduce yourself to absolutely everyone you can. This is a great way to meet employers that you might not have thought of previously. Don’t hand out your great resume at these meetings but have a business card available that includes your social media links as well as contact information. Exchange the information and be sure to follow-up online.
The inclination to mail resumes and sit back and wait to be offered an interview is great; resist it and you will find yourself hired for a great new job even sooner than you thought possible. You may also make some great new friends in the process.