Our Top Four Picks for the Best New Year’s Resolutions for Executive Job Hunters

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Did you know that more than 100 million people in America make New Year’s resolutions each year? If one of your top resolutions is to find a job that fits your skills and abilities, then you need to take steps to improve your chances of being hired.
Finding a job is no small feat, especially in the executive sector where the process to get hired is more cutthroat than ever before. While your initial thought may be to hire the best executive resume writing services, there are a few other tips that can help along the way, as well.

1. Clearly define the job you want

It isn’t good enough to just state you want a new job. The more specific you get, the better results you are going to see. If you know what company you want to work for, write that down, too. Make sure you are realistic. Not everyone can move into the top executive position at a Fortune 500 company straight from the job market. The more specific and realistic you are, the better chance you have of achieving your resolution.

2. Create actionable steps

There are many reasons why resolutions fail. A common theme, however, is you don’t take the necessary actions to accomplish the goals you have set. You have to make it happen. Do you want a position as a Vice President of Sales at a large retail chain? If so, outline the steps you can take to achieve this goal.
For example:

    • List the business options you are interested in.
    • Use LinkedIn to post your resume after using executive resume services.
    • Attend networking events where these companies are present.
    • Learn who the decision makers are at the organizations.
  • Tailor your actionable skills to meet your specific job hunt goals.

3. Revamp your resume

A resume is the first impression an HR manager receives of a candidate. If yours isn’t up to the company’s standards, then it may be time to revamp it. If you don’t have the time or ability to do this yourself, consider using the services of the best executive resume writing services. Not only can these services help you update your resume, but they provide other services, as well. For example, many resume companies also offer a cover letter writing service.

4. Consider using a recruiter

Being noticed in a saturated job market is getting more and more difficult. Regardless of your degree, experience and ability, there is always someone else out there who may be a bit more impressive. With the help of a recruiter, you can find the jobs suiting the goals you outlined as part of your New Year’s resolution.
Getting a job isn’t hard. Landing the job you really want, especially at the executive level, can be a challenge. With the tips here, you are on your way to getting a job that challenges you, while letting you show off your abilities and skills. If you would like more information about resume writing services, or getting the job you want this year, contact us today.