Don't Say Yes To That New Job Too Fast

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One of the dilemmas that many people are now finding out is that maybe they took a job too fast. This is simply because so many have been out of work a long time and needed a job. While this is true, many finding out that maybe they said yes too fast. Something about the job is now a hardship for them. So, be careful and don’t say yes too fast.
It is completely understandable to take the first job offered when you have been out of work a long time. However, for those who are just wanting to get out of a present job, be careful. The grass is not always greener on the other side.
It is very easy in the early stages of job interviews to disregard the little voice in the back of your head that is saying “wait a minute, I don’t like the fact I won’t have any time off for a year,” or “I’m not very good at sales pitches.” Once you disregard your misgivings, accept the job and go to work, you just may be in the same boat or worse than the one you left.
Before you start applying for jobs, take a look at your resume. See where you can make improvements. Make sure all information is up to date. Then, be sure to apply to positions that are really interesting to you and in the field that you are looking for.
Another consideration is that there are a lot less jobs on the market today so it will be hard to use new positions as stepping stones to success. It may be better that you stay where you are, keep looking for the right one and don’t say yes too fast.