The Secret Advantage Of Social Media

Social Marketing/Online Branding

the secret advantage of social media
Did you know that your use of social media can get you hired? (It can also get you fired but that’s a different subject.) Your online presence and social media connectivity is an increasing factor in how potential employers fill openings.
This recent article on Mashable caught my eye with the title,Job Seekers Recruited via Social More Likely to Be Hired,” and it increased my interest with a great infographic. Usually, I see horror stories of what NOT to do, but there are increasing success stories of the advantage you have with great online branding. In a nutshell, here are some facts:

  • 94% of companies already use social media to recruit candidates or plan to begin using this form of recruiting in 2013
  • Candidate & Employee Referral quality and quantity along with Time To Hire have been enhanced measurably
  • 14% of applicants sourced through a job board get hired
  • 61% of applicants sourced through referrals and the company career page get hired

This is interesting stuff. The takeaway is that your online social networking really does make a difference in your career if you are wise with it. That means paying attention to your online brand:

  • Remember, the internet is like a public park, and everything you do is visible
  • Keep your online presence professional by monitoring photos and data on sites like Facebook
  • Invest in LinkedIn Profile Development or Online Branding Coaching to make sure you are equipped for this new era of job searching

It can be kind of overwhelming to look at all the details involved with social media and employment. Fortunately, you don’t have to figure it out by yourself!